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Zechariah 2

Zerr's Commentary on Selected Books of the New TestamentZerr's N.T. Commentary

Verse 1

Zec 2:1. The direct meaning of this whole chapter is a prediction of the return from the captivity. In a figurative and spiritual sense it portrays many of the truths of the Gospel age, but that application should not be stressed too much.

Verse 2

Zec 2:2-3. Upon inquiry, the man with the measuring line told Zechariah he was going to measure Jerusalem. This is the same thing that is stated in Zec 1:16. It pertains to the reconstruction period when the building of Jerusalem and vicinity was to be restored after the return from exile.

Verse 4

Zec 2:4. This young man means Zechariah who was expected to put his information in a bonk for the bene¬fit of the people in future generations. Towns without walls might convey the idea of places unprotected and in danger from exposure to possible enemies. Part of the explanation is in the fact of the crowded condition of the city, and further information about it will be shown in the next verse.

Verse 5

Zec 2:5. No material wall is needed for a town that is protected by the presence of the Lord. This truth may be said also of the New Testament age under Christ.

Verse 6

Zec 2:6. Land of the north means Babylon in which the people of Judah were soon to be inclosed with the captivity. (See the note with comments on Isa 14:31 in volume 3 of this Commentary.) The verse is a prediction of the return from that land of the north, expressed in the words flee from.

Verse 7

Zec 2:7. Deliver itself means the same as the preceding verse.

Verse 8

Zec 2:8. The prophet was sent as a messenger to the people ot Judah to assure them ot their return trom the nations which spoiled them which means the Babylonians. Apple of his eye is a figure of speech that means tlie most cherished part of His being.

Verse 9

Zec 2:9. Shake mine hand was to be fulfilled when God sent another na¬tion (the Persians) against Babylon. Spoil to their servants was accom¬plished when the very people whom Babylon had held in servitude were able to obtain benefits trom them.

Verse 10

Zec 2:10. Sing and rejoice was ful¬filled in Nebemiah 8: 10-12.

Verse 11

Zec 2:11. Many nations shall be joined to the Lord was fulfilled first according to Est 8:17. and fulfilled spiritually according to Act 2:5.

Verse 12

Zec 2:12. Judah means the 2-tribe kingdom because It was the legal portion of the nation as to the original headquarters in Jerusalem. The prediction is that the capital was to be restored after the captivity.

Verse 13

Zec 2:13. Be silent is a call for all to hear the word of God.
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