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1 Chronicles 27

Dr. Constable's Expository NotesConstable's Expository Notes

Verses 1-34

2. The second account of God’s promises to David chs. 22-27

In this group of chapters we have David’s preparations for the fulfillment of those aspects of the covenant that extended beyond his reign. We can see David’s belief that God would fulfill the rest of His promises in the ways he prepared for their fulfillment. He prepared in two ways: by gathering materials for the construction of the temple (ch. 22), and by appointing the officials who would guide Israel after his death (chs. 23-27).

David concerned himself with what God had promised. In this he was a godly example to the restoration Jews, and he is to us. He wanted to see God’s kingdom come, namely, the kingdom that God had promised (cf. Matthew 6:10). The focus of the promise was the house for God that Solomon would build. David did all he could to pave the way for its coming into reality (cf. Psalms 69:9; John 2:17). The postexilic remnant demonstrated little zeal to rebuild the temple or to reestablish God’s kingdom on earth (Haggai 1:2). The Book of Chronicles was one instrument God used to stir them up to action (cf. Haggai 2:20-23; and Zech.).

Verses 1-34

Preparations for governmental order ch. 27

David also organized his army (1 Chronicles 27:1-15), Israel’s tribal leaders (1 Chronicles 27:16-24), his administrators (1 Chronicles 27:25-31), and his counselors and advisers (1 Chronicles 27:32-34). He did all this to ensure future stability so what God had promised could happen without unnecessary opposition or confusion. Again the writer mentioned 12 tribes, but in this list these included Levi and the two halves of Manasseh. He omitted Gad and Asher in this tally (1 Chronicles 27:16-24; cf. ch. 7).

Chapters 22-27 record David’s preparation for the fulfillment of those Davidic Covenant promises that would come after he passed off the scene. His preoccupation with God’s promises and his preparations for their fulfillment served as a good example for Chronicles’ original readers. David’s zeal for the house of the Lord reflected his zeal for the reputation of the Lord. He truly put God’s glory before his own personal ambitions.

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