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Bible Commentaries

Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament

1 Peter 1

Verse 1

1:1 sojourners (e-8) As ch. 2.11; Hebrews 11:13 .

Verse 2

1:2 sanctification (f-11) Hagiasmos , see Note i, Romans 1:4 . blood (g-22) 'Jesus Christ' is connected with 'obedience,' as well as with 'sprinkling of the blood.'

Verse 5

1:5 time. (a-21) The article is everywhere left out in the Greek here, making it all characteristic and descriptive.

Verse 6

1:6 Wherein (b-1) Or 'in which [time].' trials, (c-17) Or temptations.

Verse 8

1:8 on (d-7) 'On whom' does not, I think, refer to 'ye exult.' It may refer to both 'looking' and 'believing,' which is, I think, the natural construction. If not, it is connected simply with 'looking.' glory, (e-24) Lit. 'and glorified.' The expression relates to 'joy.'

Verse 9

1:9 souls. (f-11) Lit. 'salvation of souls,' in contrast with temporal deliverances, to which, as Jews, they were accustomed to look.

Verse 12

1:12 by (g-34) En , 'in the power of.'

Verse 14

1:14 conformed (h-6) 'Conformed' here expresses a state. The path in which they walk is the sense here. 'Conforming yourselves' is too active and intentional. As Romans 12:2 .

Verse 15

1:15 conversation; (i-17) i.e. 'manner of life,' and so ver. 18.

Verse 16

1:16 written, (k-4) See Leviticus 19:2 . 'Holy' here is hagios . see Note i, Hebrews 7:26 .

Verse 19

1:19 spot, (l-13) Or 'by precious blood, as of Christ, a lamb, c.' or 'by [the] precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb, &c.'

Verse 21

1:21 God. (m-28) Or 'so that your faith and hope are in God.'

Verse 25

1:25 eternity. (n-9) See Isaiah 40:6-8 .

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Darby, John. "Commentary on 1 Peter 1". "John Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament". 1857-67.