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Bible Commentaries

Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament

Acts 28


1:2 up; (a-21) The word means 'receiving,' but with the prefix ( ana ) 'up,' as here, it has the active sense of 'taking up.' It is so translated except in 1 Timothy 3:16 . The more passive reception is seen in Acts 3:21 , where another word is used.

Verse 1

28:1 Melita. (b-16) Malta.

Verse 2

28:2 barbarians (c-3) * A name applied to all nations not of Greek or Roman descent and speaking a foreign language.

Verse 4

28:4 saved (a-25) 'Save out of and through' a danger. see 1 Peter 3:20 . Nemesis (d-30) Lit. 'justice.'

Verse 5

28:5 however, (e-2) Or 'much rather.' 'however' is weak, but is I believe the best word.

Verse 7

28:7 man (a-15) 'The chief man' was an official title. Protos Melitaion . As an individual he was not, for his father was alive.

Verse 15

28:15 Forum (b-17) Market of Appius. Tabernae, (c-20) Three Taverns.

Verse 16

28:16 prefect, (d-16) The commanding officer of the Emperor's bodyguard

Verse 17

28:17 Brethren, (e-31) Lit 'Men brethren,' as ch. 1.16.

Verse 22

28:22 beg (f-3) Or 'we should think well.'

Verse 24

28:24 of (a-5) 'Assented to them as true.' It is used of giving credit to a person so as to follow him. as in ch. 5.36, 'obeyed.'

Verse 26

28:26 Go (b-1) See Isaiah 6:9-10 .

Verse 28

28:28 salvation (c-9) Rather 'that which saves' than salvation itself. see Luke 2:30 ; Luke 3:6 ; Ephesians 6:17 .

Verse 30

28:30 received (d-13) As Luke 8:40 .

Verse 31

28:31 freedom (e-17) As 'boldness,' ch. 4.13,29,31.

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Darby, John. "Commentary on Acts 28". "John Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament". 1857-67.