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Bible Commentaries

Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament

Hebrews 12


1:1 formerly (g-11) Or 'of old.'

Verse 1

12:1 witnesses (a-11) Witness, in English, has two senses. 'seeing, so as to bear witness,' and 'giving testimony to.' The last only I apprehend is in the Greek here. sin (b-19) Or 'the sin.' entangles (c-23) Or 'besets.' The one Greek word here represents the whole phrase, 'which so easily entangles us.'

Verse 2

12:2 stedfastly (d-2) It means, looking away from other things and fixing the eye exclusively on one. leader (e-6) See Note, Acts 3:15 . down (f-30) The perfect tense with abiding result.

Verse 3

12:3 well (g-3) 'Weigh so as to judge its value,' and sometimes in comparison with other things.

Verse 5

12:5 have (h-3) Or 'And have ye?' sons. (i-14) See Proverbs 3:11 ,Proverbs 3:12 .

Verse 7

12:7 for (k-3) Or 'as,' that is, as chastening, not as wrath. Some authorities have 'if ye endure chastening.'

Verse 8

12:8 partakers, (l-13) Metochos , see Note q at ch. 2.14.

Verse 10

12:10 holiness. (m-25) Hagiotes . See Note f at Romans 1:4 .

Verse 12

12:12 knees; (n-12) See Isaiah 35:3 .

Verse 13

12:13 feet, (o-7) See Proverbs 4:26 .

Verse 14

12:14 holiness, (p-6) Hagiasmos . See Note i at Romans 1:4 .

Verse 17

12:17 it (q-25) 'The blessing.' What he sought in Genesis 27:34 .

Verse 19

12:19 declined (r-14) As Luke 14:18 . as 'refused,' ver. 25.

Verse 20

12:20 enjoined. (s-10) See Exodus 19:13 .

Verse 22

12:22 Zion; (a-7) The words 'and' give the division of the subjects very distinctly here.

Verse 23

12:23 perfect; (b-30) The words 'made perfect' relate to 'just men,' not to 'spirits.' Compare ch. 11.40

Verse 24

12:24 new (c-7) Neos ; not the usual word for new covenant, which is kainos . Neos is 'new' in the sense of fresh, youthful. Kainos is new as wholly different. 'The new ( kainos ) man,' Ephesians 4:24 , i.e. it is not the old; neos , Colossians 3:10 , it is not grown old.

Verse 25

12:25 refuse (d-4) refused (d-17) As ver. 19, 'excusing themselves, declined.'

Verse 26

12:26 saying, (e-12) See Haggai 2:6 .

Verse 28

12:28 grace, (f-12) Or 'be thankful.' reverence (g-21) Or 'godly fear.' see Note e, ch. 5.7. serve (o-17) Latreuo , as chs. 9.9; 12.28; 13.10.

Verse 29

12:29 fire. (h-8) See Deuteronomy 4:24 ; Deuteronomy 9:3 .

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