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Bible Commentaries

Justin Edwards' Family Bible New Testament

Titus 1

Verse 1

According to ; in order that God’s elect might believe and acknowledge the truth which is according to godliness.

Verse 2

Promised ; in his eternal purpose.

Verse 3

His word ; which is the revelation of this eternal life.

Through preaching , which is committed unto me ; that is, through the ministry of preaching wherewith I am entrusted. These words are added to show how the revelation of eternal life contained in his word is to be promulgated. God sometimes converts men who have been distinguished for their opposition to him, and makes them eminently successful preachers of the gospel.

Verse 5

Set in order ; complete arrangements which Paul had begun for the establishment of churches and the promotion of religion throughout the island. Over every congregation there should be a settled pastor, to preach the gospel, administer the ordinances of the New Testament, baptism and the Lord’s supper, and set before the people an example of habitual and consistent piety.

Verse 6

Faithful children ; trained up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and not guilty of disobedience to their parents or openly immoral.

Verses 7-9

A bishop must be blameless ; 1 Timothy 3:2-7 .

Verse 9

A blameless character, soundness in the faith, and ability to maintain and defend it, are essential requisites in ministers of the gospel; and without these none should be introduced into the sacred office.

Verse 10

The circumcision ; Jews.

Verse 11

Whose mouths must be stopped ; not by inquisitions or physical force, but by sound argument and conclusive reasoning-by the power of truth.

Subvert ; turn aside from the faith and practice of the gospel.

For filthy lucre’s sake ; for base gain.

Verse 12

A prophet of their own ; Epimenides, one of their poets.

Evil beasts ; ferocious and malignant.

Slow bellies ; slothful gluttons.

Verse 15

Unto the pure all things are pure : but unto them that are defiled-is nothing pure ; there is an allusion here to the stress laid by the false teachers on Jewish distinctions of clean and unclean meats, washing of hands, and other ceremonial purifications, while they took no pains to keep their hearts and lives clean from the defilement of sin. The apostle exposes their error by laying down a general principle applicable to all the relations of life. The pure are those whose hearts and lives are controlled by the holy principles of love, faith, and obedience towards God. To them all God’s creatures are pure, and they need fear no defilement from them while they use them with thanksgiving in accordance with his word. Romans 14:14-20 ; 1 Timothy 4:4-5 . All their daily labors, moreover, secular as well as religious, are pure, being all performed in the spirit of love towards God and man. The impure are those whose hearts and lives are under the control of selfish and base passions. To them nothing is pure; for their mind and conscience being defiled, every outward work that proceeds from them is unclean also. Those who love and practise what is good are constantly growing better, and those who love and practise evil are constantly growing worse.

Verse 16

In works they deny him ; they show that they have no such knowledge. Their words and works disagree.

Unto every good work reprobate ; rejected as men given over to iniquity, from whom no good work is to be expected. Not the professions but the practices of men are the index of their true character.

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Edwards, Justin. "Commentary on Titus 1". "Family Bible New Testament". American Tract Society. 1851.