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Genesis 27

Gaebelein's Annotated BibleGaebelein's Annotated

Verses 1-46

CHAPTER 27 The Story of Jacob and the Deception of Rebekah and Jacob

1. Esau sent (Genesis 27:1-4 )

2. Rebekah’s deception (Genesis 27:5-17 )

3. Jacob’s deception (Genesis 27:18-25 )

4. Jacob blessed (Genesis 27:26-29 )

5. The discovery (Genesis 27:30-40 )

6. Esau hates Jacob (Genesis 27:41 )

7. Rebekah advises Jacob to flee (Genesis 27:42-46 )

With this chapter the story of Jacob begins. Three periods of his life are especially to be noticed: 1. His life in Canaan; 2. His departure from the land and his servitude in Padan-aram; 3. His return to the Land. The history of his descendants, the people Israel, may be traced in this. They were in the land; now they are away from the land scattered among the nations; like Jacob they will return to the land. Isaac knew the Word of God, “the elder shall serve the younger,” yet he wanted to bless Esau. This was failure on his side. Yet he blessed Jacob by faith (Hebrews 11:20 ). Rebekah wants to comply with the divine declaration but uses unholy means trying to aid God by her own devices to fulfill His Word. Jacob obeys his mother and makes use of the deception. Esau deceives, too, for he claimed a blessing to which he had no right before God and man. The flesh and its sinful ways is fully manifested in this chapter, nevertheless the will of God was accomplished.

Isaac lives after this event 43 years longer, but with this he passes from the page of history. Of his death and burial by Esau and Jacob we hear later. His life was characterized by patient endurance and suffering and his faith consisted in quietness and waiting.

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