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Matthew 17

Gann's Commentary on the BibleGann on the Bible

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Verse 1

Importance of a strong relationship with Christ - Matthew 17:1-5

1. How important to be alone with Christ, with God. v.1

2. When alone with Christ, he was changed, transfigured, before them. v. 2

When alone with Him, that is when I will be in Awe of Him.

That is when you see His glory!

3. When we spend time with Christ we will want to hear Him more. v.5

We will want to know what kind of a person we should be.

What kind of Husband, father, workers, neighbor, etc.

Verse 4

Matthew 17:4

Tabernacles -- (See note on John 7:2)

Verse 5

Matthew 17:5

Voice... 1) at His baptism Matthew 3:17; 2) at the transfiguration Matthew 17:5; 3) in the temple, John 12:28;

Verse 9

Matthew 17:9

tell no man ... Peter mentions this in 2 Peter 1:18 but had to wait until Jesus was risen from the dead.

Verse 14

Matthew 17:14

From events recorded in Luke 7:11-17, Matthew 17:14-21; and John 5:2-13 we see that faith was not a requirement on the part of the recipient of the miracle, but on the part of the one performing it. Acts 3:16

Verse 27

Matthew 17:27

Open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours (Matthew 17:27). The coin found in the fish’s mouth was the statēr, a common coin minted in Tyre or Antioch. It was the equivalent of the tetradrachma or two didrachma, hence, one shekel (see “Equivalence Table of Weights and Coinage at the Time of Jesus” at Matthew 18:25). A treasure jar found at Qumran dating to around 10 b.c. was filled with Tyrian staters (shekels), which bore the laureate head of Baal Melkart portrayed as a Grecian Heracles; on the other side the Seleucid eagle strode fiercely toward the left with a palm of victory and the Greek legend: “Of Tyre the Holy City-of-Refuge.” This is one of many indications that Herod the Great originally had these coins minted in Jerusalem for use in paying the temple tax. It is estimated that the temple tax drew in silver alone the equivalent of 14.5 tons every year. Silver stat ērs were most likely the coins paid to Judas for his betrayal of Jesus (cf. 26:16). - Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary: Matthew, Mark, Luke (Vol. 1, p. 111).

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Gann, Windell. "Commentary on Matthew 17". Gann's Commentary on the Bible. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/gbc/matthew-17.html. 2021.
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