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Everett's Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures

Acts 7

Verses 1-60

The Witness of Stephen In Acts 6:7 to Acts 8:4 Luke records the witness of Stephen. The importance of his testimony is the fact that he is the first martyr of the Church, ushering in a period of persecution that spread the Gospel abroad.

Outline Here is a proposed outline:

1. Stephen’s Arrest Acts 6:7-15

2. Stephen’s Sermon Acts 7:1-53

3. Stephen is Stoned Acts 7:54 to Acts 8:1 a

Verses 54-60

Stephen is Stoned In Acts 7:54 to Acts 8:1 a we have the account of Stephen being stoned by the Jewish leaders to become the first martyr of the early Church.

Acts 7:55-56 Comments Stephen’s Vision of Jesus - It is interesting to note that Stephen recognized Jesus Christ as the Son of man when He saw Him standing at the right hand of the Father. Perhaps Jesus was telling Stephen that He too had suffered in His humanity, but was now glorified by the Father, and that Stephen, too, must suffer in order to be received up into eternal glory.

Acts 7:58 Comments - In his book The Call Rick Joyner is told in a vision by Paul the apostle that the memory of the light that was on Stephen's face during his stoning carried Paul through many trials. Paul felt that Stephen has somehow died for him, so that he could see the true light. [155]

[155] Rick Joyner, The Call (Charlotte, North Carolina: Morning Star Publications, 1999), 213-4.

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