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Bible Commentaries

Everett's Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures

Joshua 16

Verses 1-10

Joshua 16:10 And they drave not out the Canaanites that dwelt in Gezer: but the Canaanites dwell among the Ephraimites unto this day, and serve under tribute.

Joshua 16:10 “And they drave not out the Canaanites that dwelt in Gezer” - Comments - These Canaanites would remain in Gezer for another four hundred and fifty (450) years until Pharaoh, king of Egypt, destroyed this city during the days of Solomon (1 Kings 9:15-11.9.17).

1 Kings 9:15-11.9.17, “And this is the reason of the levy which king Solomon raised; for to build the house of the LORD, and his own house, and Millo, and the wall of Jerusalem, and Hazor, and Megiddo, and Gezer. For Pharaoh king of Egypt had gone up, and taken Gezer , and burnt it with fire, and slain the Canaanites that dwelt in the city, and given it for a present unto his daughter, Solomon's wife. And Solomon built Gezer, and Bethhoron the nether,”

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