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Joshua 16

Benson's Commentary of the Old and New TestamentsBenson's Commentary


A.M. 2560. B.C. 1444.

The lot of Ephraim and Manasseh, Joshua 16:1-4 . Of Ephraim in particular, Joshua 16:5-10 .

Verse 1

Joshua 16:1. The lot of the children of Joseph That is, of Ephraim, and that half of the tribe of Manasseh which was not yet provided for, Joshua 16:4. One cannot but observe the providence of God in bringing up their lot next to Judah’s. For as he had the prerogative of being made the chief of all Jacob’s children, (Genesis 49:10,) so Joseph had that privilege of the firstborn, a double portion, transferred to his family. And therefore they have their inheritance assigned them before any of the other tribes except Judah.

Verse 2

Joshua 16:2. From Bethel to Luz Dupin translates this Bethel-Luz, and Dr. Waterland, Bethel, which is Luz; for we sometimes find them mentioned as one and the same place, as Joshua 18:13; Judges 1:23; and it is probable that in a length of time they were united, and the inhabitants of the former went to the latter. The borders of Archi to Ataroth Or rather, the borders of Archi-Ataroth, as both the Seventy and the Vulgate render it, and as the words are in the Hebrew, this being the same city which is afterward called Ataroth, Joshua 16:7.

Verse 4

Joshua 16:4. Manasseh That is, half Manasseh. Their inheritance Their several portions, which here follow. It is said, they took their inheritance, which also Judah had done before them, because the tribes of Judah and Joseph took possession of their inheritances before the rest; and it was fit they should do so, for the security of the main camp, and the body of the people, which were at Gilgal, Joshua 18:5.

Verse 5

Joshua 16:5. East side That is, the north-east side. It is no wonder if some of these descriptions are dark to us at this distance of time; there having been so many alterations made in places, and so many circumstances being now altogether undiscoverable. But this is certain, that all the descriptions here mentioned were then evident to the Israelites, because these were the foundation of all the possessions which then they took, and peaceably possessed in succeeding ages.

Verses 6-7

Joshua 16:6-7. Toward the sea The midland sea, toward the west. To Jericho Not to the city of Jericho, which belonged to Benjamin’s lot, (Joshua 18:21,) but to its territory.

Verse 9

Joshua 16:9. The separate cities That is, besides those cities which were within Ephraim’s bounds, he had some other cities out of Manasseh’s portion, because his tribe was all here, and was larger than Manasseh’s.

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