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Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary

Zechariah 2

Verse 3

Another. The angel who measured spoke to Michael. (Calmet)

Verse 4

Walls. This must be understood of the spiritual Jerusalem, the Church of Christ. (Challoner) --- According to St. Augustine (in Psalm lxxi.) when the literal sense cannot be verified, we must have recourse to the thing prefigured; and thus what is here written, must be explained of the Church rather than of Jerusalem. (Worthington) --- A little before the fall of the latter, it was become so populous that the houses which had been built without the walls were enclosed. (Josephus, Jewish Wars vi. 6.) --- this multitude was a sort of pledge or figure of the crowds which should embrace the gospel.

Verse 5

Fire, to enlighten and protect it. Arms will be unnecessary, Micheas v. 10., and Isaias ii. 4. The Church shall enjoy peace.

Verse 6

North. Many Jews had not yet returned, Esther, &c. --- Winds, Ezechiel v. 2, 12. (Calmet) --- Gentiles, and ye children of Sion, flee from Babylon and from sin into the true Church. (Worthington)

Verse 8

Glory. After restoring you to your own country, and rebuilding your cities, I will punish your enemies. (Calmet) --- After they have enjoyed prosperity, they shall feel the reverse. Hebrew Cabod, (Haydock) means also "a burden."

Verse 9

Prey. Two years after this (Calmet) the Assyrians revolted, and seized Babylon. (Justin i.) --- They slew the useless women: but Zopyrus betrayed the place to Darius, who hung 3,000 of the principal inhabitants, and demolished the walls. (Herodotus iii. 150.; Usher, the year of the world 3489.)

Verse 11

Nations. We know of none who embrace the Jewish law. But both the old and the new world submits to Christ. --- Dwell. St. Michael represents the Messias. The latter preached and wrought miracles among the Jews, which rendered them inexcusable, John xv. 24. (Calmet)

Verse 13

Silent: obey with reverence. (Haydock) See Habacuc ii. 20., and 1 Machabees i. 3. (Calmet) --- Habitation, becoming man. (Menochius)

Verse 21


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