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John 15

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Verse 1


I am the real vine. They have gotten up from the table, on which was the wine [fruit of the grape vine], and Jesus has said he will never drink it again on this earth. As they are still standing there, Jesus begins this lesson. Christ has been planted by the Father as the Real Vine.

Verse 2


He breaks off every branch in me. Individual believers are the branches (see John 15:7). Vines have two kinds of branches: the fruitless, which the gardener cuts off and discards; the fruitful, which he prunes [trims] to make it bear more fruit. Judas had just been cut away from the group.

Verse 3


You have been made clean already. The message [all Jesus had taught them] had made them clean, given them spiritual life, and prepared them to bear fruit. [The message tells us how to reach out to seize Christ’s cleansing and saving ACT.]

Verse 4


Remain united to me. Luther says: “Faith is a living, daring confidence in the grace of God, of such assurance that it would risk a thousand deaths.” Faith, then, is expected to be a continuous action. Compare Philippians 3:12 and note. Unless you remain in me. We are dead branches, without fruit, EXCEPT as we reach out through faith to seize Christ and be united with him!

Verse 5


You are the branches. He is the Real Vine (John 15:1). Now he declares that each disciple is a branch on the Real Vine.

Verse 6


Is thrown out. Faith can be lost (Hebrews 6:4-6), and with it the ability to bear fruit. This whole parable shows us the relationship of Christ to: (1) The Father – gardener and vine; (2) Man – vine and branches; (3) actions – vine, branches and fruit; (4) negative action – vine, branches cut away, fire.

Verses 7-8


Then you will ask for anything. The contingency is “if you remain in me.” This implies both possibility and action. This is how my Father’s glory is shown. This shows the role of “works.” See what Jesus said in Matthew 5:16.

Verses 9-10


If you obey my commands. Obeying his commands gives you the right to claim his love. [He loved us in our rebellious condition (Romans 5:8).] We cannot love him and be rebellious at the same time.

Verses 11-14

11. So that my Joy may be in you. He says this as he faces the Cross!!! It gives him great joy to obey the Father’s commands. They also will find great joy in obeying his commands. So will we!

Verses 12-14

12–14. Just as I love you. All of Christ’s commands are contained in this, and grow out of this seed! They may have expected detailed instructions, but instead, his love was to be their guide. Is to give his life for them. This is the EXAMPLE. And you are my friends. All are to obey his commands, not as slaves, but as friends! See Romans 8:15.

Verse 15

15. Instead, I call you friends. Compare James 2:21-24.

Verse 16


You did not choose me; I chose you. Each of the Eleven [Judas is cut away] had been chosen from the group of disciples. The King has chosen his ambassadors! [APOSTLE = one sent, ambassador.]

Verse 17


Love one another. Love is the mortar which builds living stones into the church of Christ!

Verse 18


If the world hates you. The world is “natural man,” unbelieving, who have Satan as their ruler.

Verse 19


They will persecute you too. They hated Christ and killed him. You must expect the same treatment.

Verse 20


Because you are mine. Compare Revelation 1:9. [For my name’s sake means because you are mine. A Christian is one who has been bought far God by Christ. ]

Verse 21


If I had not come. Opportunity equals responsibility. Those who reject Christ will die in their sins, because they refuse to escape from them.

Verse 22


Hates my Father also. It is impossible to love God and hate Christ!!!

Verses 24-25


They hated me for no reason at all. The “sin of sins” is to reject Jesus. Because he came, he could be rejected. Those who rejected Christ would find no way to escape from the guilt of their rejection.

Verse 26


The Helper will come. The Holy Spirit. See chapter 14. He will speak about me. [He will not speak about himself!] This is explained in John 16:13-15.

Verse 27


And you, too, will speak about me. As eyewitnesses, they would speak about Christ and tell the Good News of what God had done through him. Compare 1 John 1:1-4; 1 Corinthians 2:6-12.

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