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John 16

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Verse 1


I have told you this. The things in chapters 14 & 15. The next few days would severely burden their faith, as would the persecutions in the coming years.

Verses 2-4


Because they have not known. Fanatics believe it is God’s will to kill “heretics.” If they had known [and loved] the Father and the Son, they could not act that way!

Verses 5-6


But now I am going. To the Father, by the Cross, the Grave, the Resurrection, and the Ascension. Yet none of you asks me. They had asked a similar question (John 13:36; John 14:5): “What will your going mean to us?” Jesus implies they should have asked: “What will your going mean to you?”

Verse 7


Because if I do not go. The work which the Holy Spirit would do, is based on Christ’s death and resurrection. Jesus had to go, so the Helper could come! See Acts 2:33.

Verse 8


He will prove. New ideas are to be proved to the human mind by the Spirit. “The Word and the Spirit agree. They cannot be separated, That which the Spirit does He does through the instrument of God’s Word.” Ephesians 6:17; Hebrews 4:12; John 6:63; etc. Acts chapter 2 illustrates this: the Spirit proved: (1) sin, in those who had rejected Christ; (2) what is right, by showing Jesus raised to God’s right side; (3) God’s judgment, by showing the wrath to come.

Verse 9


Because they do not believe in me. This is the sin of sins! This is the sin which leads to death (1 John 5:16-17; Matthew 12:31-32 and notes). Degrees of sin are meaningless, when compared to this ultimate sin. The work of the Spirit is to destroy unbelief through the Word.

Verse 10


Because I am going to the Father. Jesus was convicted of blasphemy and put to death. He is now alive, raised to God’s right side, proved to be the Messiah. See Acts 2:22; Acts 2:33.

Verse 11


Has already been judged. The resurrection of Christ is proof of this. See Acts 17:31; Hebrews 2:14-15; Colossians 2:14-15.

Verse 12


Too much for you to bear. They could not fully understand, until the Cross was fact. Then, with the aid of the Helper, all the pieces would fall into place.

Verse 13


He will lead you into all truth. “The life of God is in His Word. Through His Word God communicates His Spirit to men.” The Spirit would teach no new things, but would help them remember and understand all that Jesus had taught them during the three and a half years of his public ministry. Not until Pentecost could these men abandon their dreams of a political kingdom and conquest!

Verses 14-15


He will give me glory. Not by taking the Church beyond Christ, but by showing the fulness of Christ! Guided by the spirit, the apostles lived totally for Christ. All that my Father has is mine. Christ on his throne has all authority and power! To say “the Spirit will take what I give him,” is to say the Spirit has the unlimited fulness of the Godhead [Father, Son, Holy Spirit] to draw from.

Verses 16-19


In a little while. The next day he would die and be buried. For a little while they would not see him. He would rise from death the third day, and they would see him again for a little while. When he went up to his Father, they would [in a spiritual sense] see him “coming on the clouds of heaven.”

Verse 20


You will cry and weep. How sad they were at the Cross and at the Grave. But your sadness will turn to gladness. The Lord is raised from death!

Verses 21-22


That is the way it is with you. Birth involves pain. But the pain is forgotten in the happiness that follows!

Verses 23-24


When that day comes. After the Kingdom comes on Pentecost. In my name. We do not need the name of any human being, “saint,” or angel! We [who are Christians] have the NAME of Jesus!!! See note on John 14:13-14.

Verse 25


By means of parables. Because they were not yet “spiritual.” Compare what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 2:14.

Verses 26-28


When that day comes. To guard us against the error of thinking we have need of human help, or even angels, he shows us, that if the love the Father has for sons and daughters were the only consideration, there would be no need for him to plead with God for us at all!

Verses 29-32


Do you believe now? They thought they did, but the next day they would be scattered, and Jesus would stand alone.

Verse 33


I have defeated the world! We still have battles to fight, but the victory is ALREADY won! CHRIST WON IT! This is the source of peace. Compare 1 John 5:4-5.

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