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Ephesians 5

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-33


We must not follow the ways of the old man. We must be ______________ of God. He is our Father. We are his _____________.

We must __________ in love because Christ loved us. He gave himself for us as an _____________. He became the _____________ to God. This sacrifice was acceptable and pleasing to God as a _________-______________ savor.

Here are some sins that should not __________ be mentioned among Christians.

1. _______________. 2. ________________.

3. ___________________.

These are not things that ____________ saints.

Christians should give ___________. This means that we should avoid sins of the ____________ that do not give thanks. Paul mentions three sins involving our speech.

1. ______________. 2. _____________ talking.

3. ____________.

Now he lists some sins of the flesh. These include:

1. _________________. 2. _______________ person.

3. _____________. 4. _____________.

NOTE: A covetous person is also an idolater. These are two separate sins. However, they are found in the same people. Where you find one, you will find the other.

The people who do such things do not have any part in the _________________ in the kingdom.

Do not be _____________ with vain words. This list of sins are things that will bring the __________ of God upon the children of _________________.

WARNING: Do not ____________ with those doing such things.

We used to walk in _____________. Now we are __________. We should walk as _______________ of light.

The fruit of the Spirit is:

1. _____________. 2. _____________. 3. __________.

Children of light must __________ what is ______________ to God.

Children of light do not have fellowship with works of _______________. Such works are not _____________. Our task is to ____________ them.

It ought to be an embarassment and __________ to speak of such things as are done in ____________.

When we ____________ these sinful practices, they are brought to the __________. When we make it ____________, it is in the light.

Christians must be alert and ____________. God says, "If you are __________, arise from the __________. Christ will give you __________."

As we walk in the light we must walk ___________________. We must not act like __________. We must show _____________ in our lives.

Paul commands us to _____________ the time. The reason for this command is that the __________ are full of __________.

We must not act in a manner that is _____________. We must _______________ what the will of the Lord is.

Walking in the light means that we will not be full of __________. There is always the danger of _____________. We must be _____________ with the Spirit.

We should praise God for the protection and leading which comes from being full of the Spirit. Our praise to God should also speak to ______________. Our praise can be in the form of: 1. _________. 2. ________. 3. __________ songs. The Christian is to __________ and make _____________ in his heart.

We should also praise God in prayer. We should be ____________:

1. ____________.

2. For all __________.

3. Unto _________.

4. In the __________ of Jesus.

There are times when we must ____________ to each other. This is called ____________ submission. This submission is done becuase of our __________ (reverence) of Christ.

NOTE: This verse does not tie in with the previous section. This verse is not talking about how we are to walk. This verse begins the next section of Husband/Wife - Christ/Church relationships.

In God's plan for the home, the _____________ is the head of the family. Christ is the __________ of the church. He is the ____________ of the body.

The church is ____________ to Christ in all things. Wives should also be in subjection to their own _____________.

This position of authority is not one of iron rule. The husband is _______________ to love his wife. This love should be like the love ____________ has for the church. He __________ for it.

What did Christ's death do for the church?

1. He _____________ it.

2. He ___________ it.

3. He ____________ it with water.

When Jesus comes for his __________ (the church) he wants it to be:

1. A ____________ church.

2. Without __________.

3. _____________ free.

4. __________.

5. Without _____________.

Men should love their __________ with this kind of love. Care for his wife should be similar to the care for his own __________. If a man loves his wife he will love _____________.

Man does not __________ his own flesh. He gives it _______________. He ____________ it. This is how the __________ feels about the church.

We are ____________ of Christ's body. We are part of his flesh and __________.

From the creation this was God's plan. Man should __________ his parents control. He should be ___________ to his wife. These two people should become __________ flesh.

All of this discussion is a great ____________. Paul will make it clear and plain. Paul is talking about __________ and the __________.

Everyone should __________ his wife as he loves himself. The wife should ______________ her husband.

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