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Ephesians 4

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-32


Even though Paul is a ______________, he still urges us to walk in our __________. This walk must be a ____________ one.

What does it mean to walk worthy? Paul gives us some words to consider:

1. __________________. 2. _______________.

3. __________________. 4. _______________.

5. In _____________.

We must ______________ to keep the ________ of the Spirit. This can only be done in a bond of _________.

Paul now lists seven "Ones" of the Christian.

1. One __________.

2. One __________.

3. One __________ of our calling.

4. One __________.

5. One __________.

6. One _____________.

7. One _______ and Father of all.

Each of us have been __________ grace and speical gifts. The ______________ of these gifts is ________________ to the gift of Christ.

Paul proves that Christ __________ gifts by the quote from Psa_68:19 . Christ led into ______________ the captives of sin and death. As conqueror, in triumph over death, Jesus gives does not seek gifts, he __________ to men.

Paul explains this passage and applies it to Christ, who first ______________ into the earth and _____________ back to heaven.

This one who ______________ is the same one who is also ____________ far above all heavens. He __________ all things.

God has given many different gifts. Some were temporary:

1. _____________. 2. ______________.

Other gifts are for the church of all ages.

1. _______________. 2. __________. 3. ____________.

NOTE: These are all "__________" in the church. They are all positions of leadership and authority. Evangelists are to speak and rebuke with all _____________. ( Tit_2:15 ) Pastors are also called __________ and bishops in the New Testament. A pastor is a ______________ who feeds the flock and oversees it. Christians are commanded to be _____________.

There are three reasons for these offices in the church. People are set in these positions:

1. For the ______________ of the saints.

2. For the __________ of the ministry.

3. For the _____________ of the body of Christ.

How long should these positions in the church last? Paul says they should be active ________ -

1. We all come to the __________ of the faith.

2. We have the _____________ of the Son of God.

3. We have become the __________ man.

4. We _____________ up to the __________ of the fulness of Christ.

5. We are no longer ____________.

6. We are not ____________ to and fro.

7. We are not carried by every __________ of doctrine.

8. We are not tricked by cunning ______________.

9. We are stable and not _____________.

10. We speak the __________ in love.

11. We __________ up.

The church must function as a __________. All must fit and __________ together. Every __________ must do the job given it. Every part must work to help the body _____________. While the physical body must grow in size, the body of Christ must grow in ______________ itself.

We should not walk as other _____________ walk. They walk in the __________ of their mind.

They walk with their understanding _____________. They are _____________ from the life of God. They are living in _____________. They have a ______________ of heart.

They have lost the ability to feel guilt or remorse. They are past ____________. Their lives are __________ over to:

1. __________________.

2. _______________.

3. _______________.

This is not how you have ____________ to walk in Christ.

Have you __________ Christ? Have you been __________ by him? Do you know that the __________ is in Jesus?

If the answer is YES, then, put off the old man of your former ___________________. This old man is ______________ with ______________ lusts.

We need to be ____________ in the spirit of our __________.

We must put on the __________ man. This man is created in __________________ and true ______________.

What must we put away? First we will list them.

1. _____________.

2. __________.

3. ____________.

4. Corrupt _________________.

5. __________ the Holy Spirit.

6. ______________.

The Christian must put away __________. We must speak the __________. We are ______________ of one another.

We must put away __________ which results in ________. The sun must not go down on our __________.

When our anger leads to sin, we give place to the __________ in our lives.

______________ the property of others is prompted by the greed of the old man. It is not enough to stop stealing. We must do three positive things:

1. ___________ with our hands.

2. The work must be __________.

3. The money earned must be _____________ by giving to those who need it.

Our speech must be pure. We must not allow ______________ communication to come from our ___________. What we say must be __________. It must __________ the one who hears it. Our words must _____________ grace to the hearers.

Christians must not ___________ the Holy Spirit. The Spirit has _____________ the will of God to us. If we do not obey the commands in the Bible, the work of the Holy Spirit was in vain. We are ____________ by the Holy Spirit. Do not destroy that seal of approval.

As we put off the old man, put away all ______________. All forms of ____________ must be put away.

WHEN GOD ERASES, HE IS GETTING READY TO WRITE. It is not enough to put off the old man and these evil deeds. We must also put on some new behaviors.

We must be __________ to each other. We must show that we are ____________-________________. We must be able to ____________ each other. We must remember that God has _____________ us because of the work of Christ. We should be able to forgive each other.

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