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Ephesians 6

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-24


______________ must obey their parents. Parents must give direction that is in the __________. This is God's plan from the creation and it is __________.

Children are to __________ their parents. This is the __________ of the ten commandment with a __________.

The promise: It will be __________ with you. You may live long on the __________.

____________ should not provoke their children to __________. Children must be ____________ up in the nurture and ______________ of the Lord.

____________ are to obey their ____________ in fleshly matters. There should be fear and _____________. We must seve with _____________ of heart. We must work as though we are working for __________.

We must not work with ________ service. We should not seek to be men ____________. We are ____________ of Christ. We should do the will of God from our __________.

We must have a good attitude of mind in doing ____________. Our attitude should be that we are working for the __________, not for men.

When we render good service to men, we will ____________ from God a reward. This is true for the slave or the __________.

_____________ must treat servents in the same way that servants are expected to behave toward the master. Masters should forbear _________________. Masters must remember that they have a _____________ in heaven. This master does not have __________ of persons.

Christians must be __________ in the Lord. This strength comes from the __________ of his might.

To be ready to serve Christ, we must put on the whole __________ of God. If we have on the armor, we may be ________ to stand against the tricks and ________ of the devil.

Our struggle is not against __________ and blood. Our fight is against:

1. _________________.

2. ____________.

3. Rulers of ____________ in this world.

4. Spiritual ______________ in high places.

We must have on the __________ armour of God if we are going to _____________ when evil days come. When it is all over, we must be able to __________.

Stand with the following armor:

1. Loins __________

2. Breastplate __________________

3. Feet shod ____________ of peace

4. Shield __________

5. Helmet ______________

6. Sword of Spirit __________ of God

The Christian also has a powerful weapon. We can __________.

NOTE: Pay attention to the "Alls" in this text.

1. __________ always.

2. All prayer and ______________.

3. Watch with all _________________.

4. For all __________.

Paul makes a personal request. When you are praying, pray for _______. Pray that Paul might have _____________ and speak with ____________. Pray that Paul can make known the ____________ of the gospel.

Paul is an _______________. Even though he is in __________, he still speaks __________. This is how he __________ to speak.

He wanted them to know how he is doing so he sent _______________ to carry this letter. He is described as a beloved ______________ and a faithful ______________.

He is being sent so you can know how Paul is doing. He will ____________ their hearts.

____________ to the brethren. Love with __________ comes from God and from Jesus Christ.

Paul closes with a wish for __________ to all who love the Lord in _____________.


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Luscombe, Manly. "Commentary on Ephesians 6". Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NT. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/mlc/ephesians-6.html. 2021.
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