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Mark 16

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-8

TITLE: Resurrection Happenings TEXT: Mar_16:1-11 PROPOSITION: There are four important events which happened at the resurrection of Jesus. QUESTION: What? KEY WORD: Happenings SCRIPTURE READING: Same


1. The core, center, foundation of Christianity is the resurrection.

2. There are four events that happened in conjunction with the resurrection.

The Stone Rolled (4)

1. There was a violent earthquake.

2. The stone was 8 ft. in diameter, 1 foot thick, weighed 4 tons

3. Women wondered - who will roll the stone for us?

4. God rolled the stone.

A. The stone was not moved to let Jesus out.

B. It was moved to let the women, apostles and us see in.

5. All of us have stones in our lives - we need them rolled away.

6. Fear, distress, worry, problems, disease, family, personal problems

7. NOTE : God still moves stones.

The Guards Feared ( Mat_28:4 )

1. They shook with fear. They became as dead men.

2. They knew the Roman law - They would die for their “crime” of letting this dead prisoner escape.

3. Some people should fear God but have no concern about eternity, hell, judgment, etc.

4. Heb_10:31 - It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

5. Mat_10:28 - Do not fear one who can only kill the body,

The Woman Ran (8)

1. Retired couple decided to walk 2 miles a day - walk 1 mile out, turn around and walk back - At turn around, husband asked wife is she could make it back - She said yes - He said, Good, go get the car and come pick me up.

2. We all need some exercise - physical and spiritual

3. The church needs more runners

4. We have no right to keep this news to ourselves. It must be shared.

The Savior Appeared (9)

1. Human reasoning says nobody comes back from the dead.

2. We can stimulate nerves and muscles in a dead body - but not put life back

3. Jesus appeared.

A. Paul’s argument in 1Co_15:1-58 - appeared.

B. Peter’s argument - I was an eye witness

C. Thomas’ proof - I saw, touched, spoke with Jesus

4. If God can raise the dead - think what He can do in your life.


1. Leonardo da Vinci - painted the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples

2. A friend observed the painting with all the detail - “cup is so real”

3. Brush blurred the cup - Nothing should divert attention from Jesus.

Verses 9-14

TITLE: He Appeared TEXT: Mar_16:9-14 PROPOSITION: The resurrection was proved by the many witnesses who saw Jesus alive following his crucifixion. QUESTION: Who? KEY WORD: Witnesses SCRIPTURE READING: Same


1. The Bible states the FACT of the resurrection of Christ.

2. But there were many eye witnesses who saw, talked with, ate with Jesus.

3. In summary there were 10 appearances between his resurrection and ascension.

Between the resurrection and ascension - 10 appearances

1. Mary Magdalene - Joh_20:1-18 - She was instructed not to hold (cling, refuse to let go)

2. Women - Mat_28:9-10 - They fell at his feet and worshipped him

3. Peter - Luk_23:34 ; 1Co_15:4 - Peter reported this to other apostles

4. Two men on road to Emmaus - Luk_24:13-35 ; Mar_16:12-13 - One named Cleopas Did not recognize Jesus

5. 10 Apostles - Luk_24:36-43 ; Joh_20:19-24 - Thomas was absent

6. 8 days later - Joh_20:26-29 - Thomas is present this time Asks for proof - Sees nail prints and wound in side

7. Galilee - Joh_21:1-23 - Jesus cooked breakfast He has a long discussion with Peter

8. Region of Galilee - Mat_28:16-20 ; 1Co_15:6 - This is where he was seen of more than 500 brethren at one time

9. James - 1Co_15:7 - No other information about this appearance

10. Ascension - Luk_24:44-53 ; Act_1:3-12 ; Mar_16:14-19 - The Great Commission is given here The ascension takes place following this meeting

After Jesus’ Ascension - 3 appearances

1. Stephen - Act_7:54-56 - Standing at right hand of God

2. Saul - Act_9:3-5 ; 1Co_15:8 - Conversation with Paul Later in Arabia - (possibly) - see Gal_1:11-17

3. John - Rev_1:10 ff - On the Isle of Patmos

One more appearance (in the future) - Rev_1:7 ; Joh_14:3 ; 1Th_4:17

Verses 15-16


TITLE: You Go TEXT: Mar_16:15-16 PROPOSITION: The Great Commission is still in effect. QUESTION: Why? KEY WORD: Questions SCRIPTURE READING: Same


1. The last words a person speaks are often most remembered.

2. Final requests and wishes are granted.

3. Deathbed confessions are accepted in courts.

4. Here is the final command, last wish of Jesus on earth.

What is Jesus asking of us?

1. Must everyone sell their home, quit their job, and move to some foreign land?

2. Is Jesus requiring all of us to become preachers?

3. What training is required for this work?

Who should do this? (You)

1. In a command (imperative) the subject is an understood “you”

2. The subject is the person addressed.

3. If I am speaking to my son, “Mow the lawn” - not addressed to others

4. Jesus is speaking to the eleven remaining apostles ( Mar_16:14 )

5. Preachers, elders, deacons, SS teachers

6. Pew-packers, all members, all who have learned should share that with others

7. Not required:

a. Experience

b. Training - Theology, mission work, Bible college

c. Special skills - Scripture memorized, counselor, Greek and Hebrew

What should I do? Go

1. Present active = “as you are going” - wherever, whenever, as you go about our activities, whoever you come in contact with

2. This could mean - Russia, China, Central America, Fargo, North Dakota

3. Isa_6:8 - Who can I send? Who will go for us? Here am I, send me

Who should I teach? Whole creation (KJV - every creature)

1. We must be a respecter of persons

2. All who don’t know - need to know

Am I included in this command?

1. Mat_28:18-19 - Go - teach - baptize - teach them to keep commands (including this one)

2. 2Ti_2:2 - leaned from me - teach to faithful men - teach others also

3. How did you hear the gospel message?

4. How did they learn the gospel message?

5. Everyone in this room is included:

a. You are one who needs to hear and obey the gospel

b. You are one who must share the message with others


TITLE: Baptism Saves TEXT: Mar_16:15-16 PROPOSITION: Baptism is important to our salvation. QUESTION: What? KEY WORD: Objections SCRIPTURE READING: Same


1. Religious debate scheduled on Baptism - debater got sick - another filled in

2. After the 1 st speaker spoke for 45 minutes about baptism not being important or necessary for salvation - substitute read Mar_16:16

3. 1 st speaker spoke another 45 minutes - 2 nd speaker looked in his Bible - "It is still there."

4. Why do so people object to the command of baptism?

Believe that baptism denies the grace of God

1. Eph_2:8-9 - We are saved by grace

2. Tit_2:11 - Grace of God brings salvation

3. Grace = a gift, not deserved or earned

4. Baptism does not change or cancel the fact of God’s grace

Reject salvation by merit (works)

1. We are not saved by works (of merit) - Salvation cannot be earned

2. There is another kind of “works” - actions taken to receive the gift

3. Fill out form, drop in box - drawing - given a new car - Did you earn the car? No. Was it a gift? Yes. Did you have to do something to get the car? Yes, fill out form, drop in box

4. We are commanded to obey - Heb_5:8-9 , Act_5:32 ; Gal_3:1

5. Baptism is NOT a work of merit by which one earns salvation.

6. Baptism is an act of obedience to receive the free gift.

7. BTW - Faith is also a “work” ( Joh_6:29 )

Salvation is by “faith alone”

1. Many passages teach faith is necessary for salvation

2. NOT by faith only - Jam_2:24

3. There are many things said to save us - Blood, Life of Jesus, Death, Faith, Love of God, Obedience, Grace, Hearing the gospel, Repent, Confession of our faith

4. None of these things will save us alone - the combination is required

Saved by the Blood of Jesus - Not the water of baptism

1. From the side of Jesus came blood AND water ( Joh_19:34 )

2. 1Jn_5:6-8 - NOT by water only - Baptism alone will not save


1. Jesus died, shed his blood, for the salvation of all men

2. His blood will not save you, until you come to that blood for cleansing

3. The Blood of Jesus is the WHAT of salvation; Baptism is the WHEN of salvation

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