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2 Samuel 14

Peake's Commentary on the BiblePeake's Commentary

Verses 1-33

2 Samuel 14. The Return of Absalom (J).

2 Samuel 14:1-8 . Joab perceives the king’ s longing for his son (p. 67), and sends to him a woman of Tekoa (p. 31), about 5 miles S. of Beth-lehem, with a trumped-up tale that she was in danger of being left childless, because one of her two sons had killed his brother, and the kinsfolk wished to put the survivor to death. The king promised to intervene.

2 Samuel 14:9-17 . The woman continued to importune him, and at last she seems to admit that her story is a parable and to apply it to the king. 2 Samuel 14:14 is difficult; the first part, no doubt, means, “ Life is uncertain, either the king or his son may die at any time; then it will be too late for them to be reconciled, or for Absalom to be reinstated.” In the latter part, the text is probably corrupt; the favourite restoration is: “ And God will not take away the life of him that thinketh thoughts in order not to banish from him ( i.e. keep in exile), one that is banished,” i.e. God will not condemn David for leniency to Absalom ( cf. Driver). It seems a roundabout way of putting things, but that may be in keeping with the occasion and the woman’ s character.

2 Samuel 14:15-17 . These verses may have stood originally somewhere before 2 Samuel 14:13, in which the woman reveals her real purpose.

2 Samuel 14:18-24 . The woman admits that she has been sent by Joab. The king allows Joab to fetch Absalom home, but will not allow the returned exile to enter the royal presence.

2 Samuel 14:25-27 . Absalom’ s beauty; his family. Probably a later addition.

2 Samuel 14:26 . two hundred shekels, after the king’ s weight: Cent.B estimates the weight at 35 5 / 7 1b., and, with others, regards this phrase as modelled on legends on foreign weights, and as an indication of post-exilic authorship.

2 Samuel 14:27 . In 2 Samuel 18:18 Absalom has no sons, and in 1 Kings 15:2, we read of Maacah, the daughter of Absalom.

2 Samuel 14:28-33 . Joab having refused to visit Absalom, the prince secures his attendance by a ruse, and induces Joab to complete the reconciliation between father and son.

2 Samuel 14:30 . Perhaps we should add at the end of this verse, “ And Joab’ s servants came to him with their clothes rent and said: The servants of Absalom have set the field on fire.”

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