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Isaiah 47

Peake's Commentary on the BiblePeake's Commentary

Verses 1-15

Isaiah 47:1-15 . A Taunt-Song of Triumph on the Fall of Babylon.

Isaiah 47:1-7 . Babylon, erroneously personified as a virgin, as if never before captured, is bidden descend from the effeminate ease of her throne to the menial task of grinding the hand-mill. The garments of a secluded princess she must lay aside, to wade through the fords. For Yahweh’ s vengeance is inexorable, and she who queened it over the kingdoms of the earth must go into the darkness of captivity. When Yahweh, angry with His people, suffered His land to be profaned by the invader, and His people to be taken captive to Babylon, she treated them with cruelty, thinking ever to maintain her proud position, unaware that this was Yahweh’ s doing and that He would control its issue.

Isaiah 47:8-15 . But though she lives in voluptuous ease and, serenely insolent, boasts her unrivalled position, she shall be bereaved of husband— the figure changes to that of a favourite wife in the harem— and children in one moment, nor shall the magic in which the Babylonians were pre-eminent and arrogantly confident ward off the danger. Calamity shall come which all these resources will be powerless to avert. Let her try these impotent magical arts! Let the astrologers and compilers of the monthly calendars of lucky and unlucky days help her now! They shall be as stubble licked up by the flame of disaster. Unable to save themselves, how can they deliver her? They stumble to destruction and she is left to her fate.

Isaiah 47:3 f. and will . . . redeemer: read, “ and will not refrain saith our redeemer.”

Isaiah 47:7 . Render, “ I shall live for ever, a queen to eternity. Thou didst not,” etc.

Isaiah 47:8 . carelessly: care-free.

Isaiah 47:9 . in their full measure: LXX and Syr. “ suddenly.”

Isaiah 47:11 . Read mg.

Isaiah 47:12 . Stand now: render, “ persist, pray.”— strike terror ( mg.) : i.e. into the demon who causes the calamity.

Isaiah 47:13 . from . . . thee: connect with “ prognosticators,” and render, “ prognosticators of the quarters whence (evil) shall come upon thee.”

Isaiah 47:15 b. Render, “ Such have they proved to thee for whom thou didst toil from thy youth” (omitting “ they that have trafficked” ).

Bibliographical Information
Peake, Arthur. "Commentary on Isaiah 47". "Peake's Commentary on the Bible ". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/pfc/isaiah-47.html. 1919.
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