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Isaiah 61

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Verses 1-4

Isaiah 61-62. The Coming Year of Grace.

Isaiah 61:1-4 . The prophet speaks of his “ call” in language reminiscent of the “ Servant Songs.” “ Yahweh’ s spirit abides with me, because He has ordained me. He has sent me to bring glad news to the distressed; to proclaim freedom to the Jews in bondage; to herald the year of favour to those who love Yahweh, which shall prove a day of vengeance upon His foes; to comfort all mourners, giving them a ‘ coronal for a coronach’ (so Box, bringing out a word-play in Heb.), festal unguents for mourning attire, and songs for sighs. They shall be called ‘ Terebinths of Triumph’ (‘ righteousness’ ) planted by Yahweh for His glory. They shall rebuild the cities that have long been desolate ruins.”

Isaiah 61:1 . meek: Heb. may mean either “ poor” or “ pious” ; parallelism favours mg.

Isaiah 61:3 . the garment of: should precede “ mourning.”

Verses 5-11

Isaiah 61:5-11 . The prophet now addresses the people directly. Men of other nations shall serve as labourers at their bidding and call them “ Yahweh’ s priests,” or “ Servants of our God,” recognising Yahweh as such. As a priestly caste they will enjoy the wealth of the peoples, as priestly tithe, and deck (so emend “ boast” ; cf. LXX) themselves in their splendours. This privileged treatment is justified. For as their (so emend “ your” ) shame was in double measure, and ignominy their lot (emending “ for confusion . . . portion” ), they shall have in their own land a double portion and everlasting joy. For Yahweh loves justice, and hates iniquitous plundering; so He will recompense His wronged people, making with them a covenant ( cf. Isaiah 55:3) . Their descendants shall be so prosperous that all nations shall recognise their pre-eminent blessedness. As surely as the seed germinates in the soil shall their triumph arrest the eyes of the nations.

Isaiah 61:10 . Seems to be misplaced. Zion rejoices because Yahweh has clothed her with deliverance and victory like a begarlanded bridegroom or a bejewelled bride.

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Peake, Arthur. "Commentary on Isaiah 61". "Peake's Commentary on the Bible ". 1919.