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Isaiah 62

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Verses 1-5

Isaiah 62:1-5 . The prophet will not rest in his mission ( cf. Isaiah 61:1) till Zion’ s triumph is resplendent, her brilliance dazzling kings and nations. Zion shall be as a beautiful crown which Yahweh takes in His hand to adorn Himself. Now she may well be named “ Forsaken,” her land, “ Deserted” ; but then Yahweh, Israel’ s husband, shall restore her to His favour, and her name shall be “ My Delight,” that of the land, “ Spouse.” With a young husband’ s joy in his young bride shall her builder (not “ sons” which completely spoils the figure), Yahweh, espouse her.

Isaiah 62:1 . lamp: rather, “ torch.”

Verses 6-12

Isaiah 62:6 f. Yahweh has appointed heavenly beings as an invisible guard of Jerusalem: their duty ever to sound in His ears, till its fulfilment, His promise to make her a renown in the earth.

Isaiah 62:8 f. Yahweh has pledged His omnipotence that no longer shall marauders plunder the fields and vineyards of His people, but, protected from invasion, they shall enjoy their produce and celebrate in the Temple the feasts of ingathering.

Isaiah 62:10-11 a. Anticipating the glad return to Zion from the Dispersion, the prophet bids the inhabitants go forth and make ready the road for the entry of the exiles, banking up the causeway and clearing it of stones, and raising a standard to which they may flock, for Yahweh has sent forth a world-wide proclamation to her exiled sons.

Isaiah 62:11 b Isaiah 62:12 . Say ye: does not introduce the proclamation, as the English seems to suggest, but a new exhortation parallel to “ Go through.”

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Peake, Arthur. "Commentary on Isaiah 62". "Peake's Commentary on the Bible ". 1919.