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Bible Commentaries

Peake's Commentary on the Bible

Psalms 35

Verses 1-28

XXXV. Prayer against Treacherous Foes by One who is “ quiet in the land.”

Psalms 35:6 b should replace Psalms 35:5 b. Chaff driven before the wind may well suggest the image of the angel pursuing the foe— but not that of pushing or thrusting.

Psalms 35:7 . Read, “ Without a cause have they hid for me their net: without a cause have they dug a pit for my life.”

Psalms 35:9 f. “ Soul” and “ bones” stand for the whole person.

Psalms 35:12 b. The text cannot be right. “ Laying snares for my soul “ is a possible conjecture.

Psalms 35:13 . His prayer returned into his own bosom, because his head was bowed down and he did not look up.

Psalms 35:15 . abjects: read probably “ aliens.”

Psalms 35:16 . MT is senseless. A conjecture ( cf. LXX) is, “ They have reproached me and mocked me exceedingly.”

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