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2 Chronicles 22

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


Ahaziah's history openeth at this Chapter. He succeedeth to the throne - makes a wicked reign, and is slain by Jehu. Athaliah destroyeth all the royal seed, except Joash.

2 Chronicles 22:1

We have the parallel history to what is here recorded in the 2d of Kings 11 So that for brevity's sake I refer the Reader to that part of the sacred writings. The great point to be attended to in this historical relation, and for which, no doubt, the Holy Ghost hath caused a duplicate of this history to be preserved was, that the church might see how the promised seed, in leading to Christ, hath been preserved. Ahaziah and Joash shall be kept safe amidst all danger, because the grand event of redemption is the great point all along referred to. Destroy it not, there is a blessing in it. Isaiah 65:8 .

Verses 2-9

I do not think it necessary to detain the Reader on this part of the history, because it is more particularly set forth in the book of the Kings already gone through, which the Reader may consult.

Verses 10-12

How beautiful it is to see the Lord's watchful care over his people, Moses shall be hid when his life is threatened. Joash shall be secured when danger is near. Nay, Jesus shall be carried into Egypt when the monster Herod seeks his life. Reader! how evidently doth the Lord manifest himself when he hideth his people!

Verse 12


OBSERVE, my soul, in the history of this chapter, the awful consequences of sin! What a short triumph had Ahaziah. Life is but a year, and when that year is spent in sin and folly, what a wretched life is made of it? How awful are the consequences which arise out of improper and irreligious alliances! But what blessed effects have taken place in Jesus's union with our nature, and his betrothing himself to his people! Our alliance with ungracious persons or in families, is sure to bring on numberless evils. But the Lord Jesus condescending to unite us to himself, hath introduced us into the happiest state, the wonder of angels, and the admiration of a congregated world forever more. Oh! dear Lord, break forever, in my soul, all affinities and relations which may tend to interrupt my joy and happiness with thee, and do thou take the whole possession of my heart, and reign and rule there with unrivalled sway. I am my beloved's, and his desire is toward me.

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