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Jeremiah 52

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


This Chapter contains the historical relation of the siege of Jerusalem; the capture of the city and people, and the deplorable treatment of Zedekiah and his Sons, and nobles.

Jeremiah 52:0

The relation of this history hath been already gone through, almost word by word, in the book of the Kings: so that it would be to swell unnecessarily the relation on any commentary here. If the Reader will compare this Chapter with the account of the siege, and destruction of Jerusalem, as it is rehearsed at large in 2 Kings 24:18 through the whole of the 25th Chapter that follows (2 Kings 25:0 ), (including only a parenthesis, as a portion before related in Jeremiah 40:16 ) he will find the agreement in all the particulars. I only add therefore, that we ought to pay the greater attention to those portions of the word of God, which the divine wisdom hath been pleased to have twice recorded, as demanding this respect from us. And when we consider the awful subject of which they both treat; and that, notwithstanding the Lord's love to his Church, he will not leave that Church without his severe chastisement; we have abundant reason to observe what the Apostle hath said on these solemn judgments in general, lest for our transgression; the Lord visit us also. Be not high minded but fear: for if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee? Precious Jesus! how blessed is it to see to whom our safety is alone owing; and in whom all our security stands. Lord! hasten thy kingdom, and bring home thine heritage. And let thy redeemed behold the New Testament Babylon destroyed forever, and all the enemies of our salvation; that that blessed time may soon arrive, when the kingdoms of the world shall become the kingdoms of our God and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever. Amen.

Verse 34


READER! what vast subjects open to our most devout meditation, while going over in the perusal those prophetical writings of the mournful Prophet Jeremiah. How gracious to his Church and people, the Lord is here manifested! How patient, and long suffering! And, finally, what an issue to his mercy! How tried, afflicted; distressed, and exercised, his faithful servant the Prophet! And what a series of the most aggravated provocations, rebellions, and sins, did the people of Israel and Judah set up against the Lord; and against Jeremiah!

Reader! solemnly ponder well the whole subject. Then call to mind the Covenant faithfulness of Jehovah, as the one only cause of Israel's salvation. Oh! the blessedness of that rich mercy and grace given the Church in Christ Jesus, before the world began. Here Reader! centre all your views. Here trace all mercies to their source. In Jesus behold the whole purpose of redemption: and from Jesus see that you draw all your consolation. God in Christ reconciling the world to himself, explains the whole mystery of redemption, and places the whole on a firm foundation, not to be shaken. May a gracious God, give both to him that writes, and to him that reads, more and more to rest on this Rock of Ages, and to be looking forward with holy faith to that hour when the Lord will bring again, Zion, and overthrow all the enemies of the Church, as Babylon, with an everlasting destruction! Amen.

Bibliographical Information
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