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Scofield's Reference Notes

Zechariah 10

Verse 1

later rain

Cf. Hosea 6:3; Joel 2:23-29.2.32; Zechariah 12:10. There is both a physical and spiritual meaning: Rain as of old will be restored to Palestine, but, also, there will be a mighty effusion of the Spirit upon restored Israel.

Verse 4


The tense is future: "From him Judah shall be the cornerstone Exodus 17:6. (See Scofield "Exodus 17:6- :") from him the nail Isaiah 22:23; Isaiah 22:24 from him the battle-bow," etc. The whole scene is of the events which group about the deliverance of the Jews in Palestine in the time of the northern invasion under the "Beast" ; Daniel 7:8; Revelation 19:20 and "Armageddon," ; Revelation 16:14; Revelation 19:17.

The final deliverance is wholly effected by the return of the Lord Revelation 19:11-66.19.21; Revelation 19:11-66.19.21 but previously He strengthens the hard-pressed Israelites ; Micah 4:13; Zechariah 9:13-38.9.15; Zechariah 10:5-38.10.7 ; Zechariah 12:2-38.12.6; Zechariah 14:14.

That there may have been a precursive fulfilment in the Maccabean victories can neither be affirmed nor denied from Scripture.

Verse 8


Isaiah 59:20; Exodus 14:30. (See Scofield "Exodus 14:30- :") . See Scofield "Exodus 14:30- :"

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