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Bible Commentaries
Ezekiel 42

Zerr's Commentary on Selected Books of the New TestamentZerr's N.T. Commentary

Verse 1

Eze 42:1. The utter court means the outer one that was on the north side. The separate place was the one commented upon in chapter 41: 12, There was one of the chambers at this place and Ezekiel was taken into it.

Verse 2

Eze 42:2. The dimensions stated here identify the place as the one described In chapter 41: 13 and the reader may see the comments at that place.

Verse 3

Eze 42:3, The separate place referred to was over against or near the point of the 20 cubits connected with the inner court, also near the pavement provided for the outer court. At this location was a three-storied unit of galleries or projecting ledges.

Verse 4

Eze 42:4. Running along the rows of chambers there was a passage that was 10 cubits wide, and the doors of the chambers opened out upon this walk.

Verse 5

Eze 42:5. These upper chambers were shorter to harmonize with the decreasing width of the building near it.

Verse 6

Eze 42:6. Many of the units of the structure were in threes but the reason for it is not stated. This place had not pillars as other parts had. For this reason the writer states it was straitened or contracted more than either lower or middle story.

Verse 7

Eze 42:7. The outside of this unit of chambers was a wall 50 cubits long, corresponding with the extent of the chambers.

Verse 8

Eze 42:8. The two fifties of cubits agreed with the 100 cubits that were before the temple so that there would be no unevenness in the combination.

Verse 9

Eze 42:9. It should be remembered that we are now reading about the chambers assigned especially for the priests, hence there was an entry into them provided that went under the chambers from the outer court.

Verse 10

Eze 42:10. In the thickness denotes the width of the chambers, and they were over against which means they were near the separate place, a description of which has been given elsewhere.

Verse 11

Eze 42:11. The main thought in this verse is one of uniformity of design and appearance. The dimensions and fashions of the parts are said to have a like appearance.

Verse 12

Eze 42:12. The fact of observing things of different sides did not reveal any great difference in general design- Instead, the statement is made that the one was according to the other in most cases.

Verse 13

Eze 42:13. Holy chambers furnishes the key to the particular purpose of these parts of the great structure. They are regarded as holy because of what was to take place in them namely, the ritualistic services of the Mosaic religion.

Verse 14

Eze 42:14. When the priests enter these chambers to perform their holy work, they are required to lay aside their personal garments and put on the ones prescribed for the sacred service, and that service was for the people as stated here.

Verse 15

Eze 42:15. Prospect means the direction in which the gate faced, and the man measured the area around this gate.

Verse 16

Eze 42:16. Reed is used in a general sense and means that the place was measured with a rod, and according to Moffatt's version it was about 500 cubits.

Verse 17

Eze 42:17. The north side was evidently measured with the same length rod as the east and it revealed it to be the same dimension as the other.

Verse 18

Eze 42:18. The south side was the same as the preceding ones already measured.

Verse 19

Eze 42:19. This completed the four sides and the symmetry of the spot was maintained by keeping the four sides equal in extent.

Verse 20

Eze 42:20. The four sides that have been measured were supplied with a wall extending throughout tlieir entire boundary. Sanctuary means the holy part and profane refers to the part that was not sacred because it was not specifically used by priests,
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