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This word, used in contradistinction to man, denotes all animals besides, Psalm 36:6 , sometimes it means quadrupeds, and not creeping things, Leviticus 11:2-7; and sometimes domestic cattle, in distinction from wild creatures, Genesis 1:25 . They were all brought to Adam to be named. Few are mentioned in the Bible but such as lived in Palestine and the countries adjacent. Beasts suffer with man under the penalties of the fall, Genesis 3:14 Exodus 9:6 3:15 Ezekiel 38:20 Hosea 4:3 . Yet various merciful provision for them were made in the Jewish law, Exodus 20:10 23:11,12 Leviticus 22:28 25:7 . Animals were classed in the law as clean or unclean, with a primary reference to animal sacrifices, Genesis 7:2 Leviticus 11:1-47 The word beasts is figuratively used to symbolize various kings and nations, Psalm 74:14 Isaiah 27:1 Ezekiel 29:3 Daniel 7:1-28,8 Revelation 12:13 . It also describes the character of violent and brutal men, Psalm 22:12,16 1 Corinthians 15:32 2 Peter 2:12 . The Hebrew word commonly rendered beast signifies living creatures. In Ezekiel's vision, Ezekiel 1:1-28 , this is applied to human beings or their symbols. In the book of Revelation two distinct words are employed symbolically, both rendered "beast" in our version. One is applied to persecuting earthly powers, Revelation 11:7 13:1 , etc.; the other to superhuman beings or their symbols, Revelation 4:6 , etc. this latter might be appropriately rendered, "living creature," as the corresponding Hebrew word is in Ezekiel.

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