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The Hebrew word everywhere rendered in the English version flagon, 2 Samuel 6:19 1 Chronicles 16:3 Song of Song of Solomon 2:5 Hosea 3:1 , means rather a cake, especially of dried grapes or raisins, pressed into a particular form. These are mentioned as delicacies, by which the weary and languid are refreshed; they were also offered to idols, Hosea 3:1 . They differed from the dried clusters of grapes not pressed into any form, 1 Samuel 25:18 , and also from the "cakes of figs." We may refer, in illustration, to the manner in which with us cheeses are pressed in various forms, as of pineapples, etc., and also the manner in which dates are prepared at the present day by the Arabs. See FIGS.

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