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ABA'TE, Heb. Ch., to beat. The Saxon has the participle gebatod, abated. The prefix is sunk to a in abate, and lost in beat. See Class Bd. No. 23,33.

1. To beat down to pull down to destroy in any manner as to abate a nuisance.
2. To lessen to diminish to moderate as to abate zeal to abate pride to abate a demand to abate courage.
3. To lessen to mitigate as to abate pain or sorrow.
4. To overthrow to cause to fail to frustrate by judicial sentence as to abate a writ.
5. To deject to depress as to abate the soul. Obs.
6. To deduct

Nothing to add and nothing to abate.

7. To cause to fail to annul. By the English law, a legacy to a charity is abated by a deficiency of assets.
8. In Conneticut, to remit, as to abate a tax.

ABA'TE, To decrease, or become less in strength or violence as pain abates a storm abates.

2. To fail to be defeated, or come to naught as a writ abates. By the law a legacy to a charity does not abate by deficiency of assets.
3. In law, to enter into a freehold after the death of the last occupant, and before the heir or devisee takes possession.
4. In horsemanship, to perform well a downward motion. A horse is said to abate, or take down his curvets, when, working upon curvets, he puts both his hind legs to the ground at once, and observes the same exactness in all the times.

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