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BACK, n.

1. The upper part of an animal, particularly of a quadruped, whose back is a ridge. In human beings, the hinder part of the body.


2. The outward or convex part of the hand, opposed to the inner, concave part, or palm.
3. As the back of man is the part on the side opposite to the face hence the part opposed to the front as the back of a book and of a chimney, or the back of a house.
4. The part opposite to or most remote from that which fronts the speaker or actor, or the part out of sight as the back of an isle, of a wood, of a village.
5. As the back is the strongest part of an animal, and as the back is behind in motion hence the thick and strong part of a cutting tool as the back of a knife, or of a saw.
6. The place behind or nearest the back as, on the back of a hill or of a village.
7. The outer part of the body, or the whole body a part for the whole as, he has not clothes to his back.
8. To turn the back on one, is to forsake, or neglect him.
9. To turn the back to one, to acknowledge to be superior.
10. To turn the back, is to depart, or to leave the care or cognizance of to remove or be absent.
11. Behind the back, is in secret, or when one is absent.
12. To cast behind the back, in scripture, is to forget and forgive, Is.xxxviii, 17 or to treat with contempt. Ez.xxiii 35 Neh.ix 26
13. To plow the back, is to oppress and persecute. Ps.cxxix.
14. To bow the back, is to submit to oppression. Rom.xi 10

BACK, adv. To the place from which one came as, to go back is to return.

2. In a figurative sense, to a former state, condition or station as, he cannot go back from his engagements.
3. Behind not advancing not coming or bringing forward as, to keep back a part to keep one's selfback.
4. Towards times or things past as, to look back on former ages.
5. Again in return as, give back the money.
6. To go or come back, is to return, either to a former place, or state.
7. To go or give back, is to retreat to recede.

BACK, To mount to get upon the back sometimes perhaps to place upon the back as, to back a horse.

2. To support to maintain to second or strengthen by aid as, the Court was backed by the House of Commons.
3. To put backward to cause to retreat or recede as, to back oxen.
4. To back a warrant, is for a justice of the peace in the county where the warrant is to be executed, to sign or indorse a warrant, issued in another county, to apprehend an offender.
5. In seamanship, to back an anchor is to lay down a small anchor ahead of a large one, the cable of the small one being fastened to the crown of the large one, to prevent its coming home.
6. To back astern, in rowing, is to manage the oars in a direction contrary to the usual method, to move a boat stern



7. To back the sails,is to arrange them so as to cause the ship to move astern.

BACK, To move or go back as, the horse refuses to back.

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