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BANK, n. Bank and bench are radically the same word. The sense is, that which is set, laid or extended. Applied to a mass of earth, it is a collection, that which is thrown or laid together.

1. A mound, pile or ridge of earth, raised above the surrounding plain, either as a defense or for other purposes. 2Sam.xx 15.
2. Any steep acclivity, whether rising from a river, a lake, or the sea, or forming the side of a ravine, or the steep side of a hillock on a plain. When we speak of the earth in general adjoining a lake or the sea, we use the word shore but a particular steep acclivity on the side of a lake, river or the sea, is called a bank.
3. A bench,or a bench of rowers, in a galley so called from their seat.

Placed on their banks, the lusty Trojans sweep.

4. By analogy, a collection or stock of money, deposited, by a number of persons, for a particular use that is, an aggregate of particulars, or a fund as, to establish a bank, that is a joint fund.
5. The place where a collection of money is deposited a common repository of the money of individuals or of companies also a house used for a bank.
6. A company of persons concerned in a bank, whether a private association, or an incorporated company the stockholders of a bank, or their representatives, the directors, acting in their corporate capacity.
7. An elevation, or rising ground, in the sea called also flats, shoals, shelves or shallows. These may rise to the surface of the water or near to it but the word bank signifies also elevated ground at the bottom of the sea, when many fathoms below the surface, as the banks of Newfoundland.

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