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BARE, a. This word is from opening, separating, stripping.

1. Naked, without covering as, the arm is bare the trees are bare.
2. With the head uncovered, from respect.
3. Plain simple unadorned without the polish of refined manners.
4. Laid open to view detected no longer concealed.
5. Poor destitute indigent empty unfurnished.

I have made Esau bare. Jer.xlix.

6. Alone unaccompanied.
7. Thread-bare much worn.
8. Wanting clothes or supplied with garments.

Under bare poles, at sea, signifies having no sail set.

It is often followed by of as, the country is bare of money.

BARE, See Bare, adj.

To strip off the covering to make naked as, to bare the breast.

BARE, the old preterit of bear, now bore.

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