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BEAR, pret.bore pp. born,borne. L. fero, pario, porto. The primary sense is to throw out, to bring forth, or in general, to thrust or drive along.

1. To support to sustain as, to bear a weight or burden.
2. To carry to convey to support and remove from place to place as, "they bear him upon the shoulder ", "the eagle beareth them on her wings."
3. To wear to bear as a mark of authority or distinction as, to bear a sword, a badge, a name to bear arms in a coat.
4. To keep afloat as, the water bears a ship.
5. To support or sustain without sinking or yielding to endure as, a man can bear severe pain or calamity or to sustain with proportionate strength, and without injury as, a man may bear stronger food or drink.
6. To entertain to carry in the mind as, to bear a great love for a friend to bear inveterate hatred to gaming.
7. To suffer to undergo as, to bear punishment.
8. To suffer without resentment, or interference to prevent to have patience as, to bear neglect or indignities.
9. To admit or be capable of that is, to suffer or sustain without violence,injury,or change as, to give words the most favorable interpretation they will bear.
10. To bring forth or produce, as the fruit of plants, or the young of animals as, to bear apples to bear children.
11. To give birth to, or be the native place of.

Here dwelt the man divine whom Samos bore.

12. To possess and use as power to exercise as, to bear sway.
13. To gain or win.

Some think to bear it by speaking a great word. Not now used. The phrase now used is, to bear away.

14. To carry on, or maintain to have as, to bear a part in conversation.
15. To show or exhibit to relate as, to bear testimony or witness. This seems to imply utterance, like the Latin fero, to relate or utter.
16. To sustain the effect, or be answerable for as, to bear the blame.
17. To sustain, as expense to supply the means of paying as, to bear the charges, that is, to pay the expenses.
18. To be the object of.

Let me but bear your love, and I'll bear your cares.

19. To behave to act in any character as,"hath he borne himself penitent?"
20. To remove, or to endure the effects of and hence to give satisfaction for.

He shall bear their iniquities. Isaiah 53 . Hebrews 9

To bear the infirmities of the weak, to bear one another's burdens, is to be charitable towards their faults, to sympathize with them, and to aid them in distress.

To bear off, is to restrain to keep from approach and in seamanship, to remove to a distance to keep clear from rubbing against any thing as, to bear off a blow to bear off a boat also, to carry away as, to bear off stolen goods.

To bear down, is to impel or urge to overthrow or crush by force as, to bear down an enemy.

To bear down upon, to press to overtake to make all sail to come up with.

To bear hard, is to press or urge.

Cesar doth bear me hard.

To bear on, is to press against also to carry forward, to press, incite or animate.

Confidence hath borne thee on.

To bear through, is to conduct or manage as,"to bear through the consulship." B.Jonson. Also, to maintain or support to the end as, religion will bear us through the evils of life.

To bear out, is to maintain and support to the end to defend to the last.

Company only can bear a man out in an thing.

To bear up, to support to keep from falling.

Religious hope bears up the mind under sufferings.

To bear up, to keep afloat.

To bear a body. A color is said to bear a body in painting, when it is capable of being ground so fine, and mixed so entirely with the oil, as to seem only a very thick oil of the same color. To bear date, is to have the mark of time when written or executed as, a letter or bond bears date, Jan.6,1811.

To bear a price,is to have a certain price. In common mercantile language,it often signifies or implies, to bear a good or high price.

To bear in hand, to amuse with false pretenses to deceive.

I believe this phrase is obsolete, or never used in America.

To bear a hand, in seamanship, is to make haste, be quick.

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