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TEND, contracted from attend, L. attendo ad and tendo, to stretch.

1. To watch to guard to accompany as an assistant or protector.

And flaming ministers to watch and tend

Their earthly charge--

There is a pleasure in that simplicity, in beholding princes tending their flocks.

2. To hold and take care of as, to tend a child.
3. To be attentive to.

Unsuck'd of lamb or kid that tend their play.

TEND, L. tendo teneo.

1. To move in a certain direction.

Having overheard two gentlemen tending towards that sight--

Here Dardanus was born, and hither tends.

2. To be directed to any end or purpose to aim at to have or give a leaning.

The laws of our religion tend to the universal happiness of mankind.

3. To contribute. Our petitions, if granted, might tend to our destruction.
4. for attend. To attend to wait as attendants or servants.

He tends upon my father. Colloquial.

5. To attend as something inseparable. Not in use.
6. To wait to expect. Not in use.
7. To swing round an anchor, as a ship.

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