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Exodus 14:2 (c) It may be used to represent extremely difficult problems and situations which arise in the Christian's path and are impossible to conquer unless the Lord performs a miracle.

1 Chronicles 16:32 (b) This represents peoples, nations and tongues. GOD is comparing the great praises of the people to the roaring of the ocean. (See Psalm 96:11; Psalm 98:7; Revelation 17:15).

Psalm 80:11 (b) Here is a type which represents Israel as reaching out all her influence to gather and to give blessing for all the earth.

Isaiah 23:4 (a) The sea has covered the site of this city and rendered it desolate. Therefore, human activity has ceased on the site. The sea is represented as telling the world of this destruction.

Isaiah 43:16 (b) This represents the great difficulties and serious hindrances in life. GOD opens a path for His child to enter and pass safely through them. Since the ocean seems to typify "people," this figure may represent difficulties caused in the life by relatives or neighbors or enemies, or even officials. In all of these troubles caused by "people," our Lord makes a way of escape and deliverance.

Isaiah 48:18 (a) It is a figure of the many blessings and sweet benedictions which GOD gives to those who walk with Him. They keep coming and never cease.

Isaiah 57:20 (a) As the sea is constantly moving and is restless, throwing debris on the shore, so the ungodly live. They too exhibit in their lives the evil of their hearts. They constantly reveal to others the wickedness of their unsatisfied lives.

Lamentations 2:13 (a) As the ocean separates lovers who must live far apart, so GOD is separated oftentimes from His people whom He loves. (See Isaiah 59:2).

Nahum 1:4 (c) GOD is assuring us He has power to rebuke all peoples and to restrain their fury. This picture is seen also in His power to calm the storm, the storms of life. (See also Zechariah 10:11).

James 1:6 (a) This is a picture of the professing Christian who is not rooted and grounded in the faith. His life is constantly in a turmoil.

Judges 1:13 (a) This symbolizes the great power and energy put forth by the enemies of GOD who rise up out of the great mass of people (the sea), and are leaders in opposing the work of GOD and the people of GOD.

Revelation 13:1 (a) The word in this verse evidently refers to the great multitudes of the earth. (See Revelation 17:15).

Revelation 15:2 (b) The physical ocean hides all that is in its depths; but our Lord will unfold all the hidden sins and iniquities of the human heart so that nothing is hidden from His sight. It is a picture of the wrath of GOD revealing all secret sins.

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