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Psalm 31:12 (a) It is used by David to describe his feelings of weakness and unfitness for the great position he occupied as a leader of GOD's people.

Proverbs 25:4 (b) GOD will remove evil things from our lives in order to make us fit for the Master's use.

Isaiah 66:20 (a) The teaching is that Israel will again become the repository of GOD's truth.

Jeremiah 18:4 (a) Israel has been marred by sinful practices, and individuals have suffered in the same way. GOD would like to make each of His children a vessel meet for His purposes and use, but wicked ways and sinful practices hinder. (See also Jeremiah 22:28). (See also Romans 9:22-23).

Jeremiah 48:11 (a) Moab had one success after another and had not been defeated nor suffered from other calamities. For this reason he became full of pride and self-sufficiency. The vessels evidently represent troubles of different kinds. Moab had experienced none of them.

Jeremiah 51:34 (a) This king had taken away the wealth of Israel and ruined the crops. Israel is the vessel mentioned in the passage.

Hosea 8:8 (a) It describes the failure of Israel to be a receptacle for GOD's glory and GOD's Word.

Hosea 13:15 (b) These vessels represent the excellent qualities of the leaders of Israel which GOD would take away and destroy.

Matthew 13:48 (c) This probably is descriptive of Heaven and the various mansions into which GOD's people will be gathered when they go to be with the Lord.

Matthew 25:4. (b) It may mean that these wise virgins were really in touch with Heaven, and all of GOD's supply of the Spirit. The other five had simply been worked upon by the Spirit, whereby certain good results had been obtained, but not that complete act of linking them with Heaven and GOD, called the "new birth."

Luke 8:16 (a) No real Christian will hide his light, nor smother his testimony under his business enterprises, nor in laziness. (See also Matthew 5:15; Mark 4:21).

Acts 9:15 (a) This is a beautiful type of Paul, and of any other believer into whom the Lord has put His Spirit. GOD makes the believer the receptacle for the gifts and graces of the Spirit for the use and glory of His great name. (See also2Co 4:7).

2 Timothy 2:20 (a) These vessels represent people. The vessels unto honor are those in the parlor, made of gold, silver and expensive china. The vessels unto dishonor are those in the kitchen that are used for cooking and other purposes. These represent two kinds of Christians; the beautiful ones with lovely attractive lives are like the vase in the parlor and have little value to the household, and are not usually useful. Those in the kitchen attract little attention, if any, but they are of the most use to the family. It would be easier to get along without those in the parlor than those in the kitchen. The Lord is telling us that if we purge ourselves from the evils described in the first part of the chapter, then we shall be clean vessels that are fit for GOD's use and will be beautiful in His sight.

1 Peter 3:7 (a) It is emblematic of the position occupied by the wife in whom reposes precious graces which she sweetly expresses in her home to make the presence of GOD felt there.

Revelation 2:27 (a) The Lord compares His destruction of the enemy to that destruction which the potter executes upon a vessel that is not made right.

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