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Judgment, Condemnation
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Mishpath (משׁפט ), which signifies the due administration of judgment (see chap. xxi. § 2), is rendered right in the A. V in the following passages: - Genesis 18:25, 'Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?' Job 34:6, 'Should I lie against my rights'

Job 34:17, 'Shall even he that hateth right govern?' Job 35:2, 'Thinkest thou this to be right?' Psalms 9:4, 'Thou hast maintained my right.' Proverbs 12:5, 'The thoughts of the righteous are right.' Proverbs 16:8, 'Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right.' Isaiah 10:2, 'To take away the right from the po or of my people.' See also Isaiah 32:7; Jeremiah 5:28; Jeremiah 17:11; Jeremiah 32:7-8; Lamentations 3:35; Ezekiel 21:27.

Cashar (כשׁר ), that which is fitting, is rendered right in the A. V in Esther 8:5 and Ecclesiastes 4:4; and C on (כון ), stability, is found in Numbers 27:7; Job 42:7-8; Psalms 78:37; Psalms 51:10, in which last passage we read, 'renew a right (i.e. a stable) spirit with in me' - a suitable prayer for one who had fallen through instability. The same word occurs in Psalms 5:9, where the A. V. reads, 'There is no faithfulness in their mouth.' Compare the use of the cognate word (כנים ) in the expression 'we be all true men,' i.e. men to be relied upon, in Genesis 42:11; Genesis 42:19; Genesis 42:31; Genesis 42:34.

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Girdlestone, Robert Baker. Entry for 'Judgment'. Synonyms of the Old Testament. https://www.studylight.org/​lexicons/​eng/​girdlestone/​judgment.html.
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