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Strong's #1582 - ἐκκρέμαμαι

Root Word (Etymology)
middle voice from (G1537) and (G2910)
Parts of Speech
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  1. to hang from
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 7194 ‑ קָשַׁר (kaw‑shar');  
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Verse Results
KJV (1)
Luke 1
NAS (1)
Luke 1
CSB (1)
Luke 1
BSB (1)
Luke 1
ESV (1)
Luke 1
WEB (1)
Luke 1
{'V-IMI-3S' => '1'
Thayer's Expanded Definition

ἐκ -κρέμομαι ,

Luke 19:48 (WH, see ἐκκρέμαννυμι ).†

ἐκ -κρέμαννυμι ,

[in LXX for H7194, Genesis 44:30*;]

to hang from or upon; mid., ἐκκρέμαμαι : fig., ἐξεκρέματο αὐτοῦ άκούων (Rec.; WH read ἐξεκρέμετο , which implies a Pres. ἐκκρέμομαι , otherwise unknown; cf. Veitch, s.v. κρέμαμαι ), Luke 19:48.†

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List of Word Forms

ἐκκρέμαμαι (middle of ἐκκρεμάννυμι, cf. Alexander Buttmann (1873) Ausf. Spr. 2:224f; (Veitch, under the word, κρέμαμαι); Buttmann, 61 (53)): (imperfect ἐξεκρεμαμην); to hang from: ἐξεκρέματο αὐτοῦ ἀκούων, hung upon his lips (Vergil Aen. 4, 79), Luke 19:48, where T WH ἐξεκρεμετο, after manuscripts א B, a form which T conjectures "a vulgari usu haud alienum fuisse;" (cf. Buttmann, as above; WHs Appendix, p. 168). (Plato, Philo, Plutarch, others.)

STRONGS NT 1582: ἐκκρέμομαι ἐκκρέμομαι, see the preceding word.

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