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Strong's #1729 - ἐνδεής

from a compound of (G1722) and (G1210) (in the sense of lacking)
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  1. needy, destitute
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 34 ‑ אֶבְיוֹן (eb‑yone');  1167 ‑ בַּעַל (bah'‑al);  1249 ‑ בַּר (bar);  2637 ‑ חָסֵר (khaw‑sare');  3685 ‑ כְּסִיל (kes‑eel');  7457 ‑ רָעֵב (raw‑abe');  
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

ἐνδε-ής, ές,

neut. pl. ἐνδεᾶ: (ἐνδέω B):

1. wanting or lacking in, in need of, c. gen., ἐ. εἶναι or γεγενῆσθαί τινος, Hdt. 1.32, Antipho 5.77; ἑνός μοι μῦθος ἐ. ἔτι E. Hec. 835; πολλῶν ἐ., opp. αὐτάρκης, Pl. R. 369b; ποιητοῦ δ' ἐστὶν ἐ... πρὸς τὸ ἐπιδεῖξαι, caret vate sacro, Id. Smp. 195d, cf. Lg. 697e; σμικροῦ τινος ἐ. εἰμι πάντ' ἔχειν Id. Prt. 329b.

2. abs., in want, in need, X. HG 6.1.3 codd., etc. lacking, deficient, freq. in Comp., ἐνδεέστερα πράγματα Hdt. 7.48; φαίνεται ἐνδεεστέρα [ ἡ στρατεία ] Th. 1.10; -εστέρα παρασκευή Id. 4.65; ἐνδεέστεροι ταῖς οὐσίαις Isoc. 4.105; also in Posit., οὐδὲν ἐνδεὲς ποιεῖσθαι leave nothing unsaid, S. Ph. 375; τοῦτο πολ ῷ τοῦ παρόντος ἐνδεές E. Heracl. 170; μηδὲν ἐνδεὲς λίπῃς Id. Ph. 385; ἐνδεὲς φαίνεταί τι Th. 5.9; ἐνδεές τι ἐν τῷ σώματι ἔχειν X. Cyr. 8.1.40; ἐ. τὸν βίον Men. 592; τὴν ὄψιν Luc. DMar. 1.2; τὸ ἐ. lack, want, defect, = cross ἔνδεια, Th. 1.77; τὸ αὐτῶν ἐ. their deficiency, Id. 3.83.

3. inferior, τὰ κρείσσω μηδὲ τἀνδεᾶ λέγειν the worse, S. OC 1430; γένει οὐδενὸς ἐνδεής X. HG 7.1.23; τῆς δυνάμεως ἐνδεᾶ πρᾶξαι to act short of your real power, Th. 1.70; τούτου ἐνδεᾶ ἐφαίνετο (sc. τἃ πράγματα) their power was unequal to the purpose, ib. 102: Comp. ἐνδεέστερός τινος S. Ph. 524; τῆς δόξης Th. 2.11; αὑτοῦ Plu. Cic. 35.

4. inadequate, insufficient, πρός τι Pl. Prt. 322b; ἐ. ξυνθῆκαι Th. 8.36.

5. Gramm., defective, A.D. Synt. 239.18.

6. Adv. ἐνδεῶς defectively, insufficiently, opp. ἱκανῶς, Pl. Phd. 88e, R. 523e; ἐ. ἔχειν τινός to be in want of, E. Fr. 898.8; τῶν ἀναγκαίων Plu. Nic. 27; μὴ ἐνδεῶς γνῶναι judge not insufficiently, Th. 2.40: Comp. ἐνδεεστέρως παρεῖχεν ἢ πρὸς τὴν ἐξουσίαν less than, Id. 4.39; ἐ. πρὸς ἃ βούλεται δηλοῦσθαι Id. 2.35; ἐ. ἔχειν Pl. Phd. 74e; ἐ. ἢ προσῆκεν τιμωρήσασθαι Epist. Philipp. ap. D. 12.12: rarely -έστερον A.D. Synt. 209.21.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

ἐνδεής, ἐνδης (from ἐνδέω to lack, middle to be in need of), needy, destitute: Acts 4:34. (From (Sophocles), Herodotus down; the Sept..)

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

ἐνδεής , -ές

(< ἐνδέω , to lack),

[in LXX for H2637, H34, etc.;]

in want, needy: Acts 4:34,†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

PSI IV. 418.11 (iii/B.C.) ὅπως μὴ ἐνδεεῖς ὧμεν καὶ ἐλαϊδίου, P Tebt I. 52.12 (c. B.C. 114) ἐνδεὴς οὖσα τῶν ἀναγ ̣[καίων, ";being in want of the necessaries (of life),"; P Oxy II. 281.20 (complaint against a husband—A.D. 20–50) τῶν ἀναγκαίων ἐνδεῆ καθιστάς : cf. P Magd 13.5 (B.C. 217) ἐνδεεῖς δὲ γενόμενοι εἰς τὴν ταφὴν τοῦ Φιλίππου (δραχμὰς) κ ̄ε ̄ ἐδώκαμεν τὰ κατάφρακτα κτλ., ";being in want of 25 drachmas for the funeral of Philip we have given his cuirass etc"; For ἔνδεια (as in LXX) cf. P Par 62i. 11 (ii/B.C.) τὰς ἐνδείας πραχθ [ήσεσθαι. . ., and for ἐνδέημα P Ryl II. 214.23 (ii/A.D.) τὰς ἀπὸ μερισμοῦ ἐνδεήματος τελωνικῶν, ";the amount of the assessment of the deficiency of farmed taxes"; (Edd.), so .43, .63, P Oxy I. 71i. 15 (A.D. 303) ἀπὸ λόγου ἐνδεημάτων, ";on account of the deficit."; The verb is found IG XII. 7, 409.9 ὥστε μ ]ηδὲν ἐν μηδενὶ τῇ πατρίδι ἐνδεδεηκέ [ναι.


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List of Word Forms
ενδεεί ενδεείς ενδεέσι ενδεή ενδεης ενδεής ἐνδεής ενδεία ένδεια ένδειαν ενδείας ενδεούς endees endeēs endeḗs