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Strong's #2021 - ἐπιχειρέω

from (G1909) and (G5495)
Parts of Speech
  1. to put the hand to
  2. to take in hand, undertake, attempt
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1580 ‑ גָּמַל (gaw‑mal');  2803 ‑ חָשַׁב (khaw‑shab');  
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions




1. put one's hand to, οἱ μὲν δείπνῳ ἐπεχείρεον Od. 24.386, cf. 395; πηδαλίοις Ar. Eq. 542.

2. put one's hand to a work, set to work at, attempt, τῇ διώρυχι Hdt. 2.158; δρησμῷ ἐ. attempt an escape, Id. 6.70; τῇ ὁδῷ Id. 7.43, cf. E. Ba. 819; τοῖσι βασιληΐοισι Hdt. 3.61; τυραννίδι Id. 5.46; ἔργῳ τοσούτῳ Id. 9.27; λόγοις, τέχνῃ, Pl. Phdr. 279a, Grg. 521d, etc.; τοῖς ἀδυνάτοις X. Mem. 2.3.5, cf. Isoc. 5.41, etc.

3. less freq. c. acc., μεγάλα ἔργα Thgn. 75; δίκαιον πρᾶγμα Pl. Cri. 45c, Phlb. 57b: Pass., to be attempted, Th. 4.55, 6.31, X. Cyr. 6.1.41, etc.; τὸ ἐπιχειρούμενον the thing attempted, Pl. Lg. 746b.

4. c. inf., endeavour, attempt to do, Hdt. 3.38, 65, 9.42, Ar. Ra. 81, Th. 2.40, etc.: c. fut. inf., J. BJ 6.7.3: Pass., ἃ τὸ πρῶτον ἐπεχειρήθη πραχθῆναι Pl. 337d, cf. Id. Ti. 53a,al.

5. ἐπειχειρήθη c. dat., an operation was performed, τῇσιν αἱμορροΐσι Hp. Epid. 5.20.

II make an attempt on, attack, τινι Hdt. 1.11, 26, 190, Th. 3.94, Ar. V. 1030, etc.; πρός τινα Th. 7.21; ἐπί τινα Pl. Mx. 241d (but ἐπὶ τὴν τοῦ σώματος διαφθοράν with a view to.., Arist. Pol. 1315a24); εἰς τὰς σατραπείας D.S. 14.80: abs., Hdt. 5.72, 8.108, etc.; κτείνων ἢ ἐπιχειρῶν Lexap. And. 1.98: Pass., Th. 2.11. sens. obsc., ἐ. μειρακίοις Jul. MIsa 359d.

III attempt to prove, argue dialectically, Pl. Tht. 205a, Hermog. Inv. 3.4; περί τινος Arist. Top. 101a30; ἔκ τινος from a topic, ib. 115a26; ἔς τι D.L. 4.28; ἐ. ὅτι.. Arist. Top. 128b26: abs., Id. APr. 66a34; λογικώτερον ἔστιν ἐπιχειρεῖν ὧδε Id. Cael. 275b12.

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

ἐπιχειρέω , -

(< χεῖρ ),

[in LXX for H2803, Exodus 9:25; H1580, 2 Chronicles 20:11, al.;]

1. to pat one's hand to.

2. to take in hand, attempt: c. inf., Luke 1:1, Acts 9:29; Acts 19:13.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For this verb, which in the NT is confined to the Lukan writings (Luke 1:1, Acts 9:29; Acts 19:13), it is sufficient to cite P Par 63.112 (B.C. 164) (= P Petr III. p. 28) εἰ συναναγκάζειν ἐπιχειροίη προσδέχεσθαι, ";if one were to endeavour to compel them to accept (the work)"; (Mahaffy), ib. 61.15 (B.C. 156) μ ]άλιστα δὲ τῶν συκοφαντεῖν ἐπιχειρούντων [τελωνῶν, P Tebt I. 6.38 (B.C. 140–39) ἄλλους δὲ ἐπιχειρεῖν ἐπ [ιπλ ]έκειν ἑα [υ ]τοὺς ταῖς προσόδοις, ";and others try to mix themselves up with the revenues"; (Edd.), P Ryl II. 144.16 (A.D. 38) ὃς δὲ ἐκ τοῦ ἐναντίου ἄλογον ἀηδίαν μοι ἐπιχειρήσας παρεχρήσατό μοι πολλὰ καὶ ἄσχημα, ";whereupon he opposing me made a brutal and odious attack upon me and subjected me to much shameful mishandling"; (Edd.), P Oxy I. 38.9 (A.D. 49–50) (= Selections, p. 53) τοῦ Σύρ [ου ] ἐπικεχειρηκότος ἀποσπάσαι εἰς δουλαγωγία [ν ] τὸν ἀφήλικά μου υἱὸν Ἀπίωνα, ";S. having endeavoured to carry off into slavery my young son A.,"; P Oxy III. 492.9 (A.D. 130) ἐκτείσι ὁ ἐπιχειρ [ ]ν πρὸς ἀθέτησίν τι τούτων ἄγειν ἐπιτείμου δρα [χμὰς ]χειλίας, ";the person attempting to set aside aught of them (viz. certain dispositions) shall forfeit a fine of 1000 drachmae"; (Edd.), and ib. VIII. 1119.18 (A.D. 254) τῆς παρανομίας παρὰ τῶν πλημ ̣[μελ ]εῖν ἐπιχειρούντων εἴς τε τὰς θείας νομοθεσίας, ";the lawlessness of those who attempt to offend against the Imperial legislation"; (Ed.). These examples show that any idea of failure, though often suggested by the context, does not lie in the verb itself. For the construction with the inf. see Proleg. p. 205. In Chrest. II. 372v. 24 (ii/A.D.) the verb is followed by the dat.—ἐπιδὴ τοίνυν ἐπιχειρεῖς τοῖς ἀδυνάτοις, οὔτε οὗτος οὔτε οἱ ἄλλοι υι ̣̈̀ο ̣ι ̣ σ ̣ο ̣υ Ἀ [λε ]ξανδρέων πολεῖταί εἰ [σι ]ν.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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επεχειρησαν επεχείρησαν ἐπεχείρησαν επεχείρησεν επεχειρουν επεχείρουν ἐπεχείρουν επιχειρήση επίχειρον επιχειρούσιν epecheiresan epecheirēsan epecheíresan epecheírēsan epecheiroun epecheíroun
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