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Strong's #2753 - κελεύω

Root Word (Etymology)
from a primary kello (to urge on)
Parts of Speech
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  1. to command, to order
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (27)
Matthew 8
Luke 1
Acts 18
NAS (30)
Matthew 9
Luke 1
Acts 20
CSB (25)
Matthew 7
Luke 1
Acts 17
BSB (25)
Matthew 7
Luke 1
Acts 17
ESV (25)
Matthew 7
Luke 1
Acts 17
WEB (26)
Matthew 8
Luke 1
Acts 17
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


impf. κέλευον Il. 23.767: fut. κελεύς-σω, inf. - σέμεναι Od. 4.274: aor. ἐκέλευσα, κέλ - Il. 20.4: pf. κεκέλευκα Lys. 1.34, Luc. Demon. 44: Med., aor. ἐκελευσάμην Hp. Nat.Puer. 13: more freq. in compds. δια-, ἐπι-, παρα-κελεύομαι (q.v.): Pass., fut. - ευσθήσομαι D.C. 68.9: aor. ἐκελεύσθην Hdt. 7.9. ά, S. OC 738, Th. 7.70: pf. κεκέλευσμαι X. Cyr. 8.3.14, Luc. Sacr. 11: plpf. ἐκεκέλευστο D.C. 78.4 (ἐκελεύθην v.l. in Hdt. 7.9. ά, and κεκέλευμαι IG 22.1121.13 (iv A.D.), v.l. in App. BC 5.141 are later forms). (A lengthd. form of κέλομαι, q.v.): prop. urge, drive on, [ ἵππους] ὁ γέρων ἐφέπων μάστιγι κέλευε.. κατὰ ἄστυ Il. 24.326: hence, exhort, bid,


1. c.acc. pers. et inf., order one to do, σ' ἔγωγε.. κελεύω ἐς πληθὺν ἰέναι 17.30, cf. 2.11, al., Hdt. 1.8, 24, etc.; ἐκέλευσε τὸν παῖδα περιμεῖναί ἑ κελεῦσαι he bade the lad bid us to wait for him, Pl. R. 327b; ὁ νόμος τὸν ἐπιβουλεύσαντα κελεύει φονέα εἶναι, i.e. bids that he be held guilty, Antipho 4.2.5; ὁ τὸν νόμον κελεύων ἄρχειν δοκεῖ κελεύειν ἄρχειν τὸν θεὸν καὶ τὸν νοῦν Arist. Pol. 1287a29; ἐς τὴν Μίλητον ἔπεμπον κελεύοντες σφίσι τὸν Ἀστύοχον βοηθεῖν Th. 8.38; request, Lys. 16.16; opp. ἐπιτάττειν, IG 12.76.33.

2. c. acc. pers. et rei, σφῶϊ μὲν οὔ τι κελεύω Il. 4.286; τά με θυμὸς.. κελεύει (sc. εἰπεῖν) 7.68, etc.: with inf. subjoined, τί με ταῦτα κελεύεις.. μάχεσθαι; 20.87.

3. c. acc. pers. only, εἰ μὴ θυμός με κελεύοι (sc. φείδεσθαι) Od. 9.278; ὥς με κελεύεις (sc. μυθεῖσθαι) 11.507: in Prose, ἐκέλευσε τοὺς ἕνδεκα ἐπὶ τὸν Θηραμένην ordered them [to go] against him, ordered them to seize him, X. HG 2.3.54; κ. τινὰς ἐπὶ τὰ ὅπλα ib. 20: Pass., receive orders, Arist. Pol. 1253b34.

4. c.acc. rei only, ὃ μὴ κελεύσαι Ζεύς (Herm. for - σει) A. Eu. 618; ὁ νόμος τὰ μὲν κελεύων τὰ δ' ἀπαγορεύων Arist. EN 1129b24: Pass., τὸ κελευόμενον commands, orders, Hdt. 7.16, Antipho Soph. 61, X. Cyr. 4.1.3: pl., Pl. R. 340a.

5. c. dat. pers. folld. by inf., urge or order one to do, κηρύκεσσι.. κέλευσε κηρύσσειν.. Il. 2.50, Od. 2.6, etc.; ἀλλήλοισι κέλευον ἅπτεσθαι νηῶν.. Il. 2.151; ἑτάροισι.. ἐκέλευσα ἐμβαλέειν Od. 9.488: in later Prose, D.S. 19.17, Ceb. 32.4 codd., Luc. DMort. 1.1, Phalar. 121.1, etc.

6. rarely c. dat. pers. et acc. rei, τί δ' ἐστὶν ὃ κελεύεις ἐμοί; Men. Pk. 224, cf. Ael. NA 9.1.

7. c. dat. pers. only, ἵπποισι καὶ Αὐτομέδοντι κελεύσας Il. 16.684; cf.infr. 111.

8. abs., freq. in Hom., ὡς σὺ κελεύεις Il. 23.96, al.; λέξω, κελεύεις γάρ A. Ch. 107; κελεύων, opp. αὐτοχειρίῃ, Democr. 260; κελευούσης τῆς Πυθίης Hdt. 6.36; κελεύοντος καὶ δεομένου Lys. 5.1.

9. c. inf. only, σιγᾶν κελεύω I order silence, S. Ph. 865; οὐκ ἂν κελεύσαιμ' εὐσεβεῖν Id. Ant. 731; recommend, propose, Lys. 12.25, D. 4.21, etc.; opp. οὐκ ἐάω, Hdt. 6.109, X. Ath. 2.18.

II of inferiors, urge, entreat, Il. 24.599, Od. 10.17, Hdt. 1.116.


1. of the boatswain, give time to rowers, c.dat., Pl. R. 396b: abs., Ath. 12.535d.

2. sing a chanty, S.E. M. 6.24.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

κελεύω; imperfect ἐκέλευον; 1 aorist ἐκέλευσα; to command, order: τινα, followed by an aorist infinitive, Matthew 14:19, 28; Acts 4:15; by the accusative with aorist infinitive, Matthew 18:25; Matthew 27:58 (R G L),64; Luke 18:40; Acts 5:34; Acts 8:38; Acts 22:30; Acts 23:10; Acts 25:6, 17; the accusative is lacking because evident from the context, Matthew 8:18; Matthew 14:9; (xxvii. 58 T WH (Tr in brackets)); Acts 12:19; Acts 21:33; followed by the accusative with present infinitive, Acts 21:34; Acts 22:24; Acts 23:3, 35; Acts 24:8 R G; ; the accusative is lacking because easily discernible from the context, Acts 16:22 (cf. Buttmann, 201 (174); Winers Grammar, § 40, 3 d.); by a use not infrequent in Homer, but somewhat rare in prose writing, with the dative of a person (Plato, rep. 3, p. 396 a.; Thucydides 1, 44; Diodorus 19, 17; Josephus, Antiquities 20, 6, 2; Tobit 8:18; cf. Poppo on Xenophon, Cyril 1, 3, 9 variant), followed by an infinitive, Matthew 15:35 R G; cf. Buttmann, 275 (236). κελευσαιτος τίνος, at one's command, Acts 25:23. (On the construction of κελεύω, especially with the passive infinitive and the accusative, see Buttmann, § 141, 5, cf. p. 237 (204) note; also Winer's Grammar, 336 (315), 332 (311).) [SYNONYMS: κελεύειν, παραγγέλλειν, ἐντέλλεσθαι, τάσσειν (and its comparison): κελεύειν to command, designates verbal orders, emanating (usually) from a superior; παραγγέλλω to charge, etc., is used especially of the order of a military commander which is passed along the line by his subordinates (Xenophon, Cyril 2, 4, 2); ἐντέλλεσθαι, to enjoin, is employed especially of those whose office or position invests them with claims, and points rather to the contents of the command, cf. our instructions; τάσσω literally, assign a post to, with a suggestion of duties as connected therewith; often used of a military appointment (cf. τάξις); its compounds ἐπιτάσσειν and προστάσσειν differ from ἐντέλλεσθαι in denoting fixed and abiding obligations rather than specific or occasional instructions, duties arising from the office rather than emanating from the personal will of a superior. Schmidt, chapter 8.]

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

** κελεύω ,

[in LXX: 1 Esdras 9:53, Tobit 8:18, al., and freq. in 1-4Mac;]

to urge on, bid by word of mouth, order, command (mostly of one in authority): c. acc et. inf. aor., Matthew 14:19; Matthew 14:28; Matthew 18:25; Matthew 27:64, Luke 18:40, Acts 4:15; Acts 5:34; Acts 8:38; Acts 22:30; Acts 23:10; Acts 25:6; Acts 25:17; with ellipse of acc, Matthew 8:18; Matthew 14:9; Matthew 27:58, Acts 12:19; Acts 21:33; c. acc et. inf. Pres., Acts 21:34; Acts 22:24; Acts 23:3; Acts 23:35; Acts 25:21; Acts 27:43; with ellipse of acc, Acts 16:22; ptcp. aor., Acts 25:23.†

SYN.: see ἐντέλλω G1781.

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

PSI IV. 420.9 (iii/B.C.) ἐκελεύοσαν (for form cf. Mayser Gr, p. 322 f.) δέ με καταβαίνοντα συγχωνεύειν, P Par 44.4 (B.C. 153) τί κελεύεις ὑπὲρ τούτων; P Meyer 3.15 (A.D. 148) ἵν᾽ οὖν τὸ κελευσθ (ὲν) εἰδῇς, P Tebt II. 327.21 (late ii/A.D.) κε ]κελευσμένου οὖν, κύριε, γ [υ ]ναῖκας ἀφεῖσθαι τῶν τ [οιο ]ύτων χρειῶν, ";wherefore, my lord, since it has been decreed that women should be exempt from such burdens"; (Edd.). For the gen. abs. without noun or pronoun in agreement in this last instance cf. Matthew 17:14, Acts 21:31 (proleg. p. 74), and with the constr. in Acts 25:23 cf. Michel 594.53 (B.C. 279) τούτοις ἐδώκαμεν, ἀρχιτέκτονος καὶ ἐπιμελητῶν κελευόντων, τὴμ πρώτην δόσιν δραχμάς κτλ. The somewhat rare constr. of κελεύω with a dat., as in the ";received"; text of Matthew 15:35, is seen in Menander Περικειρ.224 τί δ᾽ ἐστιν ὃ κελεύεις ἐμοί; Note also that in a school-book of iii/A.D., published by Kenyon in JHS xxix. (1909), p. 34.129, we find— κελεύω τούτῳ.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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εκελευον εκέλευον ἐκέλευον εκελευσα εκέλευσα ἐκέλευσα εκέλευσε εκέλευσέ εκελευσεν εκέλευσεν ἐκέλευσεν ἐκέλευσέν κελευεις κελεύεις κελευσαντες κελεύσαντες κελευσαντος κελεύσαντος κελευσας κελεύσας κελευσον κέλευσον κέλευσόν ekeleuon ekéleuon ekeleusa ekéleusa ekeleusen ekéleusen ekéleusén keleueis keleúeis keleusantes keleúsantes keleusantos keleúsantos keleusas keleúsas keleuson kéleuson kéleusón
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