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Strong's #4496 - ῥίπτω

a primary verb (perhaps rather akin to the base of (G4474), through the idea of sudden motion)
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  1. to cast, throw
  2. throw down
  3. to cast forward or before
  4. to set down (with the suggestion of haste and want of care)
  5. to throw to the ground, prostrate
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 7993 ‑ שָׁלַךְ (shaw‑lak');  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
ASV (7)
Matthew 3
Luke 2
Acts 2
BSB (7)
Matthew 3
Luke 2
Acts 2
CSB (7)
Matthew 3
Luke 2
Acts 2
ESV (8)
Matthew 3
Luke 2
Acts 3
KJV (8)
Matthew 4
Luke 2
Acts 2
LEB (0)
The Lexham English Bible
did not use
this Strong's Number
LSB (11)
Matthew 4
Luke 3
Acts 4
N95 (11)
Matthew 4
Luke 3
Acts 4
NAS (11)
Matthew 4
Luke 3
Acts 4
NLT (3)
Matthew 2
Luke 1
Acts 1
WEB (7)
Matthew 3
Luke 2
Acts 2
YLT (7)
Matthew 3
Luke 2
Acts 2
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

ῥίπτ-ω, also ῥιπτέω, and (in frequentat. sense) ῥιπτάζω (qq. v.): Ion. Iterat. ῥίπτασκον Il. 15.23, Od. 11.592, -εσκον Nic. Fr. 26: fut. ῥίψω Il. 8.13, etc.: aor. ἔρριψα 23.842, etc. ( ἔριψα Arion 18, Mosch. 3.32, ἀπέριψα Pi. P. 6.37 ), Ep. ῥῖψα Il. 3.378; also 3 sg. aor. 2 ἔρρῐφε Opp. C. 4.350: pf. ἔρριφα Lys. 10.9: Med., aor. ῥίψαντο Man. 6.10, ἀπο-ρίψασθαι Gal. 16.146: Pass., fut. ῥιφθήσομαι ( ἀπορ- ) S. Aj. 1019; ῥῐφήσομαι LXX Ezekiel 7:19, Plu. CG 3 ( v.l. in S.l.c.); 3 fut. ἐρρίψομαι Luc. Merc.Cond. 17: aor. ἐρρίφθην A. Supp. 484 ( ἀπο- ), E. Andr. 10 (v.l.), Pl. Lg. 944d; also ἐρρίφην [ ] E. Hec. 335, Fr. 489, Pl. Lg. 944a, Sosith. 3, etc.; poet. ἐρίφην AP 12.234 ( Strat. ): pf. ἔρριμμαι Orac. ap. Hdt. 1.62, E. Med. 1404 (anap.), Ar. Ec. 850, etc.; poet. redupl. ῥερίφθαι Pi. Fr. 318, cf. PMag.Par. 1.194, 2039 ( ἀπο- ): plpf. ἔρριπτο Luc. Nec. 17 . [ by nature, Hdn.Gr. 2.10; freq. written with ει in later Inscrr. (cf. ῥιπτέω, καταρρίπτω ) and Papyri, as Phld. Ir. p.38 W., ( προς- ) Rh. 2.94 S.; the Ep. aor. 1 is ῥῖψα, not ῥίψα: ῐ in fut. 2 and aor. 2 Pass. ]: throw, cast, hurl, σόλον, σφαῖραν Il. 23.842, Od. 6.115; χερσί Pi. P. 3.57; ῥ. ἀπὸ βηλοῦ Il. 1.591, etc.; ἤ μιν ἑλὼν ῥίψω ἐς Τάρταρον 8.13, cf. A. Pr. 1051 (anap.); ἐς τὸ δυστυχές Id. Ch. 913; ἐς φλόγα S. Tr. 695; ποτὶ νέφεα Od. 11.592; χθονὶ ῥ. ἑαυτόν throw on the ground, S. Tr. 790, cf. E. IA 39 (anap.); ἐς ὕδωρ ψυχρόν Th. 2.49: abs., ἐρριμμένος prostrate, ἐρριμμένους καὶ μεθύοντας Plb. 5.48.2; ἔτι τῶν νεκρῶν . . ἐρριμμένων ἐπὶ τῆς ἀγορᾶς lying, Plu. Galb. 28; κλῶνας ἔχουσα ἐπὶ γῆς ἐρριμμένους Dsc. 1.29, cf. 4.169; ἔρριπται νεκροῖς ὅμοια, of hibernating animals, Aët. 16.67; τὰ μελίσσεια ἐν ἀγρῷ ἔριπται have been deposited, PCair.Zen. 467.5 (iii B.C.); cast a net, ἔρριπται ὁ βόλος the cast have been made, Orac. ap. Hdt. 1.62; αὐτοῦ χερμάδας . . ἔρριπτον threw stones at him, E. Ba. 1097, cf. Cyc. 51 (lyr.); ῥ. τινὰ πρὸς πέτραν throw him against a rock, S. Tr. 780; but κατὰ στύφλου πέτρας down from a rock, E. IT 1430, cf. A. Pr. 748; κατὰ κρημνῶν down a precipice, Th. 7.44, Pl. Lg. 944a ( Pass. ); ὠλένας πρὸς οὐρανόν E. Hel. 1096 .

II like ῥιπτάζω, ῥ. ἑωυτήν toss oneself about, as in a fever, Hp. Mul. 1.2; ἐπὶ λαιὰ καὶ ἐπὶ δεξιὰ σαυτόν AP 5.118 ( Crin. ): generally, throw about, πλοκάμους E. IA 758, cf. Ba. 150 (both lyr.); winnow, Gal. 6.541. III cast out of house or land, S. OT 719, Ph. 265, etc.; μὴ ῥιφθῶ κυσὶν πρόβλητος Id. Aj. 830 . throw off or away, of arms, E. El. 820; of clothes, Pl. R. 474a, Lys. 3.12; so ἔρριψε Πάγασος δεσπόταν threw him, Pi. I. 7(6).44; esp. ῥ. ἀσπίδα (cf. ῥίψασπις ), Lys. 10.9, etc.; βιβλίον PUniv.Giss. 20.12 (ii A.D.) . ῥ. λόγους cast them forth, hurl them, A. Pr. 314, E. Alc. 680; τὸ προειρημένον ἀναποδείκτως ἐρρίφθαι Phld. Rh. 1.57 S.; also, throw them away, waste them, A. Ag. 1068, cf. E. Med. 1404 (anap., Pass. ); λόγοι μάτην ῥιφέντες Id. Hec. 335; so οἴχεται . . ταῦτ' ἐρριμμένα set at naught, S. Aj. 1271 . ῥ. ἐπὶ πάντας τοὺς κλήρους, as in a scramble, Pl. R. 617e; ῥ. πάντα κύβον κεφαλῆς ὕπερθεν ἐμῆς AP 5.24 ([ Phld. ]): hence ῥ. κίνδυνον make a bold throw, run a risk, E. Fr. 402.7 . ῥ. ἑαυτόν throw or cast oneself down, X. Cyr. 3.1.25: abs., fling oneself, ἐς πόντον Thgn. 176; ἐς ἅλμην E. Cyc. 166; τάφρον ἐς κοίλην Id. Alc. 897 (anap.); ῥ. ἐν πένθει κατὰ δρία Id. Hel. 1325 (lyr.), cf. Men. 312, Vett. Val. 126.22; cf. βάλλω A. 111 . dub. l. in Orph. Fr. 264 .

Thayer's Expanded Definition

ῤίπτω and ῤιπτέω (ῤιπτούντων, Acts 22:23; on the different views with regard to the difference in meaning between these two forms see Passow, under the word ῤίπτω, at the end; (Veitch, under the word ῤίπτω, at the end Hermann held that ῥίπτειν differed from ῥίπτειν as Latinjactare fromjacere, hence, the former had a frequent. force (cf. Lob. Sophocles Aj., p. 177; Cope, Aristotle, rhet. vol. i., p. 91f); some of the old grammarians associate with ῥίπτειν a suggestion of earnestness or effort, others of contempt)); 1 aorist ἔρριψα G Tr, ἔρριψα R L, ἐριψα T WH (participle (Luke 4:33) ῤῖψαν R G Tr WH, better (cf. Tdf. Proleg., p. 102; Veitch, p. 512) ῤῖψαν L T); perfect passive 3 person singular ἔρριπται (G Tr; others ἔρριπται) (Luke 17:2), participle ἐρριμμενος G, ἐριμμένος T Tr WH, ῤεριμμένος (with smooth breathing) Lachmann (Matthew 9:36); on the doubling of rho and the use of the breathing; see Rho; from Homer down; the Sept. chiefly for הִשְׁלִיך; to cast, throw; equivalent to to throw down: τί, Acts 27:19; τί ἐκ τίνος, ibid. 29; τινα εἰς τήν θάλασσαν, Luke 17:2. equivalent to to throw off: τά ἱμάτια (Plato, rep. 5, p. 474 a.), Acts 22:23 (they cast off their garments that they might be the better prepared to throw stones (but cf. Wendt in Meyer 5te Aufl.)); τά ὅπλα, 1 Macc. 5:43 1 Macc. 7:44 1 Macc. 11:51; Xenophon, Cyril 4, 2, 33, and often in other Greek writings equivalent to to cast forward or before: τινα (or τί) εἰς τί (Matthew 27:5 (but here R G L ἐν τῷ ναῷ)); Luke 4:35; τινας παρά τούς πόδας Ἰησοῦ, to set down (with the suggestion of haste and want of care), of those who laid their sick at the feet of Jesus, leaving them at his disposal without a doubt but that he could heal them, Matthew 15:30. equivalent to to throw to the ground, prostrate: ἐρριμμένοι, prostrated by fatigue, hunger, etc. (R. V. scattered), Matthew 9:36 (καταλαβων ἐρριμμενους καί μεθυοντας, the enemy prostrate on the ground, Polybius 5, 48, 2; of the slain, Jeremiah 14:16; ἐρριμμένα σώματα, 1 Macc. 11:4; for other examples see Wahl, Claris Apocr. V. T., under the word; τῶν νεκρῶν ἐρριμμενων ἀπι τῆς ἀγορᾶς, Plutarch, Galb. 28, 1). (Compare: ἀπορίπτω, ἐπιρίπτω.)

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament


and (Acts 22:23) ῥιπτέω (strengthened form; v. Veitch, s.v. ῥίπτω , fin.),

[in LXX chiefly for H7993 hi.;]

1. to throw, cast, hurl: c. acc rei, Matthew 27:5, Acts 27:19; Acts 27:29; c. acc pers., Matthew 15:30, Luke 4:35; pass., Luke 17:2; ptcp., ἐριμμένοι , cast down, prostrate (Polyb., al.): Matthew 9:36; of garments, to throw off (for flight, Eur., Xen., al.; ὅπλα , 1 Maccabees 5:43; so EV in Acts 22:23, but v. infr.).

2. = ῥιπτάζω , to shake, toss, throw about: τ . ἱμάτια , Acts 22:23 (EGT, Page, Rackham, in l; Field, Notes, 136; but v. supr.).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

for σηρικός, ";silken,"; is read by all uncials in Revelation 18:12 : cf. IG XIV. 785.4 σιρικοποιός, and IG III. ii. 3513.2 (v/A.D.) σιρικάριος. The adj. is formed from the name of the Indian (or Chinese) people from whom silk was first obtained—οἱ Σῆρες. Boisacq (p. 861 f. ) suggests that both the fabric and the tribe got their Greek names by popular etymology from the native name of the fabric.


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