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Strong's #482 - ἀντιλαμβάνομαι

Root Word (Etymology)
from (G473) and the middle voice of (G2983)
Parts of Speech
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  1. to lay hold of, hold fast to anything
  2. to take a person or thing in order as it were to be held, to take to, embrace
  3. to help, to be a partaker of, partake of (the benefits of the services rendered by the slaves)
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 247 ‑ אָזַר (aw‑zar');  599 ‑ אָנַף (aw‑naf');  2388 ‑ חָזַק (khaw‑zak');  3721 ‑ כָּפַף (kaw‑faf');  5095 ‑ נָהַל (naw‑hal');  5341 ‑ נָצַר (naw‑tsar');  5375 ‑ נָסָה (naw‑saw', naw‑saw');  5564 ‑ סָמַךְ (saw‑mak');  5582 ‑ סָעַד (saw‑ad');  6293 ‑ פָּגַע (paw‑gah');  6965 ‑ קוּם (koom);  7682 ‑ שָׂגַב (saw‑gab');  7804 ‑ שֵׁיזִב (shez‑ab');  8551 ‑ תָּמַךְ (taw‑mak');  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (3)
Luke 1
Acts 1
1 Timothy 1
NAS (4)
Luke 2
Acts 1
1 Timothy 1
HCS (3)
Luke 1
Acts 1
1 Timothy 1
BSB (3)
Luke 1
Acts 1
1 Timothy 1
ESV (3)
Luke 1
Acts 1
1 Timothy 1
WEB (2)
Luke 1
1 Timothy 1
Thayer's Expanded Definition

ἀντιλαμβάνω: middle (present ἀντιλαμβάνομαι); 2 aorist ἀντελαβόμην; to take in turn or in return, to receive one thing for another given, to receive instead of; in middle, frequent in Attic prose writings,

1. to lay hold of, hold fast to, anything: τίνος.

2. to take a person or thing in order as it were to be held, to take to, embrace; with a genitive of the person, to help, succor: Luke 1:54; Acts 20:35 (Diodorus 11, 13; Dio Cassius, 40, 27; 46, 45; often in the Sept.) with a genitive of the thing, to be a partaker, partake of: τῆς εὐεργεσίας of the benefit of the services rendered by the slaves, 1 Timothy 6:2; cf. De Wette at the passage (μήτε ἐσθίων πλειόνων ἡδονῶν ἀντιλήψεται, Porphyry, de abstin. 1, 46; (cf. Eusebius, h. e. 4, 15, 37 and examples in Field, Otium Norv. pars. iii. at the passage cited)) (Compare: συναντιλαμβάνομαι.)

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

ἀντι -λαμβάνω ,

[freq. in LXX for H2388 hi., H5564, etc;]

to take instead of or in turn. Mid., c. gen., to take hold of;

(a) of persons, to help (v. MM, VGT, s.v.): Luke 1:54, Acts 20:35;

(b) of things, to partake of: 1 Timothy 6:2 (v. Field, Notes, 210; Cremer, 386; and cf. συν -αντιλαμβάνω ).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

This common verb is found in the general sense of ";lay hold of,"; ";undertake,"; in P Lond 301.6 ff. (A.D. 138–61) (= II. p. 256) ὀμνύω. . . ἀντιλήμψασθαι τῆς χρείας πιστῶς καὶ ἐπιμελῶς : so P Iand 33.12 (Commodus), rendered ";se officio suo bene functuros esse."; P Oxy IX. 1196.12 ff. (A.D. 211–2) ὀμνύω. . . ἀντιλήμψαισθαι (i.e.εσθαι) τῷ προσήκοντι χρόνῳ τῆς δηλουμένης χρείας, καὶ ταύτην ἐκτελέσιν, ";I do swear that I will take up at the proper time the said office and will discharge it"; (Ed.) : in the first two -ασθαι has intruded into the weakened future inf., now getting rare. P Flor I. 47 a.12 (A.D. 213–7) ἐντεῦθεν δὲ ἑκάτερο ]ν ἀντιλαμβάνεσθαι καὶ χρᾶσθαι καὶ οἰκονομῖν καὶ διοι [κεῖν. Cf. P Rein 47.4 (ii/A.D.) τῆς ] γ ̣[εωρ ]γίας ἀ. P Oxy VIII. 1123.9 (A.D. 158–9) ὁμολογῶ ἀπὸ τοῦ νῦν ἀντιλήμψεσθαι τῆς. [. .]τ ̣ης ἀναγραφομένης εἰς τὸν μετηλ [λαχότα σου ] πατέρα, ";I agree that I will henceforward undertake all the public land registered in the name of your departed father"; (Ed.). So BGU I 531i. 22 (ii/A.D.) παρακαλῶι δέ σε, ἄδελφε, ἀντιλα [β ]έσθα τῆ [ς τ ]ρυγί [ας ] to ";set to"; the vintage, and P Tebt II. 393.12 (A.D. 150) ἐπ [ ] τῷ Ἅρπα [λον ἀ ]ντιλαβέσθαι ταύτης ποιοῦντα πᾶσαν τὴν ὑπηρε [σία ]ν, ";on condition that H. shall occupy this post performing all the duties."; From this come two derived senses, of which only the first is represented in the NT, (1) ";aid,"; ";succour"; of a friend, (2) ";seize"; of an opponent. Good examples of (1) are P Petr II. 3 (b).7 (iii/B.C.) σὺ δὲ ἀφιλοτίμως μου ἀντιλαμβάνηι, P Par 27.22 f. καθότι οὐ διαλείπεις ήμῶν ἀντιλαμβανόμενος, P Grenf I. 30.6 f. (B.C. 103) [φ ]᾽ οἷς ἂν οὗν ὑμῶν προσδέωνται ἀντιλαμβανόμενοι, BGU IV. 1138.24 (Aug.) ἵν᾽ ὦι ἀντιλημμέ (νος), and the expressive double compound in P Hib I. 82.17 (B.C. 239–8) καλῶς οὖν [π ]οιήσεις συναν [τι ]λ [α ]μβανόμενος προθύμως περὶ τῶν εἰς ταῦτα συγκυρόντων, ";please therefore to give your zealous co-operation in all that concerns this"; (Edd.). Cf. OGIS 697.1 (a Roman inscription from Egypt, on the graves of murdered men) ἀντιλα (β)οῦ, κύριε Σάραπι. Dittenberger quotes P Fay 12.34 (B.C. 103) τούτων δὲ γενομένων ἔσομαι ἀντειλημμένος, the passive. In OGIS 51.9 f. (iii/B.C.) καὶ κατ᾽ ἰδίαν ἑκάστου καὶ κατὰ κοινὸν πάντων ἀντιλαμβάνεται, the verb must have the same sense. ib. 339.32 (ii/B.C.) shows gen. of thing, τῆς τε ἄλλης εὐσχημοσύνης τῆς κατὰ τὸ γυμνάσιον ἀντελάβετο. For (2), where the meaning is in malam partem, see such passages as BGU II. 648.10 (ii/A.D.) βιαίως ἀντι [λ ]αμβάνονται τ [ο ]ῦ πατρικοῦ μου μέρους, P Lond 924.12 (A.D. 187–8) (= II. p. 135) βιαίως α ̣̓ν ̣τ ̣έλαβον τὸ τῆς γῆς : other examples in Gradenwitz, Einfuührung i. p. 18. For the subst. ἀντιλήμπτωρ, formerly regarded as ";peculiar to the LXX"; (Cremer.7) Deissmann (BS p. 91) cites P Lond 23 (B.C. 158–7) (= I. p. 38), in which a petitioner claims the King and Queen as his ἀντιλήμπτορες, and says he finds his καταφυγή in them : cf. for the same conjunction of words LXX 2 Regn 22.3. Add BGU IV. 1138.19 (cited above), where a Roman official is invoked as τὸν πάντ (ων) σωτῆ (ρα) καὶ ἀντιλ (ήμπτορα)—the same phrase without abbreviations occurs in a papyrus of the same collection cited in Archiv v. p. 81 n.2.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
αντελαβετο αντελάβετο αντελάβετό ἀντελάβετο αντελαβόμην αντελαβόντο αντελάβοντο αντελάβου αντελαμβάνετο αντελαμβάνοντο αντιλαβέσθαι αντιλάβοιντό αντιλάβοιτό αντιλαβού αντιλαμβανεσθαι αντιλαμβάνεσθαι ἀντιλαμβάνεσθαι αντιλαμβάνεται αντιλαμβάνηται αντιλαμβανομενοι αντιλαμβανόμενοι ἀντιλαμβανόμενοι αντιλαμβανόμενος αντιλαμβανομένους αντιλήψεταί αντιλήψη αντιλήψομαι αντιληψόμενος αντιλήψονταί antelabeto antelábeto antilambanesthai antilambánesthai antilambanomenoi antilambanómenoi
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