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Strong's #5455 - φωνέω

Root Word (Etymology)
from (G5456)
Parts of Speech
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  1. to sound, emit a sound, to speak
    1. of a cock: to crow
    2. of men: to cry, cry out, cry aloud, speak with a loud voice
  2. to call, to call one's self, either by one's own voice or though another
  3. to send for, summon
    1. to call out of (i.e. bid one to quit a place and come to one
    2. to invite
    3. to address, accost, call by a name
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1898 ‑ הָגָה (haw‑gaw');  1898 ‑ הָגָה (haw‑gaw');  5375 ‑ נָסָה (naw‑saw', naw‑saw');  6850 ‑ צָפַף (tsaw‑faf');  7121 ‑ קָרָא (kaw‑raw');  7891 ‑ שׁוּר (sheer, shoor);  8628 ‑ תָּקַע (taw‑kah');  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (44)
Matthew 5
Mark 10
Luke 11
John 13
Acts 4
Revelation 1
NAS (42)
Matthew 5
Mark 9
Luke 10
John 13
Acts 4
Revelation 1
CSB (41)
Matthew 5
Mark 9
Luke 9
John 13
Acts 4
Revelation 1
BSB (43)
Matthew 5
Mark 10
Luke 10
John 13
Acts 4
Revelation 1
ESV (39)
Matthew 5
Mark 8
Luke 9
John 13
Acts 3
Revelation 1
WEB (43)
Matthew 5
Mark 9
Luke 12
John 12
Acts 4
Revelation 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions



produce a sound or tone:

I prop. of men, speak loud or clearly, or simply, speak, give utterance, Hom. only in aor. (pres. and impf. only in compds.); ὣς ἄρα φωνήσας ἀπέβη Il. 6.116, cf. 11.531, al.; ἔπος φάτο φώνησέν τε Od. 4.370; φωνήσας προσέφη Il. 14.41; καί μιν φωνήσας ἔπεα πτερόεντα προσηύδα addressed him with a loud voice in winged words, 1.201, cf. 4.284, al.; φωνοῦντος ἢ ἠχοῦντος ἢ ψοφοῦντος Epicur. Ephesians 1 p.13U.; folld. by the words spoken, φώνησε (φώνασε codd.) δ', εὕδεις, βασιλεῦ Pi. O. 13.67; χρυσοῖς δὲ φωνεῖ γράμμασιν, πρήσω πόλιν A. Th. 434, cf. Ag. 1334 (anap.); οἱ βουλευταὶ ἐφώνησαν.. the Senators exclaimed.., POxy. 2110.6 (iv A. D.); "" βέκος φ. utter the word βέκος, Hdt. 2.2: c. acc. cogn., ὄπα φωνησάσης having made her voice sound, Od. 24.535; φ. φάτιν S. El. 329: with neut. Adj., φ. μέγιστον ἀνθρώπων to have the loudest voice, Hdt. 4.141, 7.117; ὄρθιον φ. Pi. N. 10.76; ἄλλο τι φ. A. Pr. 1063 (anap.); τάδε φ. Id. Ch. 314 (anap.); μέγα φ. Id. Eu. 936 (anap.), S. Ph. 574; ἄπυστα φ. Id. OC 489; ὅσια φ. Id. Ph. 662; δεινὸν φ. ib. 1225; εὔφημα Id. Aj. 362, 591, E. IT 687, etc.; μηδεὶς ἔπος φωνείτω IG 22.1368.108; τὸν ῥηϊδίως φωνεῦντα πᾶν ἔπος Anaxarch. 1: abs., cry aloud, as in joy, S. Tr. 202; of a singer, ἀοιδὸς.. αἰόλα φωνέων Theoc. 16.44: Pass., τὰ φωνηθέντα sounds or words uttered, Pl. Sph. 262c, Ti. 72a, cf. Longin. 39.4.

2. of animals, utter their cries, Arist. HA 578a32; of birds, ib. 593a14; [ τὰ σελάχη] φωνεῖν οὐκ ὀρθῶς ἔχει φάναι, ψοφεῖν δέ ib. 535b25; ἐφώνησε πέρδιξ LXX Jeremiah 17:11; of the cock, crow, Matthew 26:34, al.

3. as law-term, affirm, testify in court, Leg.Gort. 1.18, al. (written πωνίω).

4. of a musical instrument, sound, E. Or. 146 (lyr.); of sounds, ἡδὺ φωνεῖν sound sweetly, Plu. 2.1021b; but βροντὴ φ. it has a voice, is significant, X. Revelation 12:1-17.

5. ἄφωνα καὶ φωνοῦντα consonants and vowels, E. Fr. 578 codd. Stob. (fort. ἄφωνα φωνήεντα).

II c. acc. pers., call by name, call, Αἴαντα φωνῶ I call 'Ajax' S. Aj. 73, cf. Ph. 229, Matthew 27:47, etc.; call by a name, ὑμεῖς φωνεῖτέ με ὁ διδάσκαλος John 13:13 : Pass., to be called, τὰ ἀρχαῖα ἐκπώματα κισσύβια φωνέεται Nic. Fr. 1.

2. φ. τινα c. inf., command, σὲ φωνῶ νεκρὸν.. μὴ συγκομίζειν S. Aj. 1047.

3. invite, τοὺς φίλους Luke 14:12.

4. c. dat. pers., call to, cry to, Ζεῦ ἄνα, σοὶ φωνῶ S. OC 1485 (lyr.), cf. OT 1121; ἕρποντι φωνεῖς Id. Aj. 543.

III c. acc. rei, speak or tell of, προσβολὰς Ἐρινύων A. Ch. 283; ὁδοῦ τέλος.. οἷον οὐδὲ φωνῆσαί τινι ἔξεσθ' tell to any one, S. OC 1402; φ. τὸ Ἐπιχάρμειον recite it, Pl. Ax. 366c.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

φωνέω, φώνω; imperfect 3 person singular ἐφώνει; future φωνήσω; 1 aorist ἐφώνησα; 1 aorist infinitive passive, φωνηθῆναι; (φωνή);

1. as from Homer down, intransitive, to sound, emit a sound, to speak: of a cock, to crow, Matthew 26:34, 74; Mark 14:30, 68 (L brackets; WH omits the clause (see the latter's Appendix at the passage)), 72; Luke 22:34, 60; John 13:38; John 18:27 (of the cries of other animals, Isaiah 38:14; Jeremiah 17:11; Zephaniah 2:14; rarely so in secular authors as (Aristotle (see Liddell and Scott, under I. 2)), Aesop fab. 36 (225 edition Halm)); of men, to cry, cry out, cry aloud, speak with a loud voice: followed by the words uttered, Luke 8:8; with φωνή μεγάλη added ((cf. Winer's Grammar, § 32, 2 at the end), Mark 1:26 T Tr WH); Acts 16:28; ἐφώνησε λέγων, Luke 8:54; φωνήσας εἶπεν, Luke 16:24; φωνήσας φωνή μεγάλη ... εἶπεν, Luke 23:46; ἐφώνησεν ἐν κραυγή (L T Tr WH φωνή) μεγάλη ... λέγων, Revelation 14:18; (φωνήσαντες ἐπυνθάνοντο (WH text ἐπυθοντο), Acts 10:18).

2. as from (Homer, Odyssey 24, 535) Sophocles down, transitive,

a. to call, call to oneself: τινα — either by one's own voice, Matthew 20:32; Matthew 27:47; Mark 9:35; Mark 10:49 (cf. Buttmann, § 141, 5 at the end); ; John 1:48(); L T Tr WH; ; Acts 9:41; Acts 10:7; — or through another; to send for, summon: Mark 3:31 R G; Luke 16:2; John 9:18, 24; John 11:28b; εἶπε φωνηθῆναι αὐτῷ τούς κτλ., Luke 19:15; ἐφώνησεν τινα ... ἐκ, with a genitive of the place, to call out of (i. e. bid one to quit a place and come to one), John 12:17.

b. to invite: Luke 14:12.

c. equivalent to to address, accost, call by a name: τινα, followed by a nominative of the title (see Winers Grammar, § 29, 1; (Buttmann, § 131, 8)), John 13:13. (Compare: ἀναφωνέω, ἐπιφωνέω, προσφωνέω, συμφωνέω.)

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

φωνέω , - ,

(< φωνή ),

[in LXX for H7121 (Jeremiah 17:11, al.), etc.;]

I. Intrans.

1. Of persons, to call out, cry out, speak aloud: Luke 8:8; φωνῇ μεγάλῃ , Mark 1:26, Acts 16:28; ἐφώνησε (φωνῇ μεγάλῇ ) λέγων , Luke 8:54, Revelation 14:18; φωνήσαντες ἐπύθοντο , Acts 10:18.

2. Of the cries of animals (rarely in cl.; Isaiah 38:14, Je, l.c.): of a cock, to crow, Matthew 26:34, Mark 14:30, Luke 22:3, John 13:38; John 18:27.

II. Trans. (in cl. chiefly poët.), c. acc pers., to call, summon, invite: Matthew 20:32; Matthew 27:47, Mark 9:35; Mark 10:49; Mark 15:35, Luke 14:12; Luke 16:2; Luke 19:15, John 1:49; John 2:9; John 4:16; John 10:3; John 11:28; John 12:17; John 18:33, Acts 9:41; Acts 10:7; to address, call by name (Soph.), John 13:13 (cf. ἀνα -, ἐπι -, προσ -, συν -φωνέω ).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

a sparkling gem of bright yellow colour, perhaps ";yellow jasper"; (Rev. 21:20) : see Swete Apoc. p. 288 f., Hastings’ DB iv. p. 620. The word is included in a list of painters’ colours in P Lond 928.15 (ii/A.D.) ( = III. p. 191).


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
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List of Word Forms
εφωνει εφώνει ἐφώνει εφωνησαν εφώνησαν ἐφώνησαν εφωνήσατε εφώνησε εφωνησεν εφώνησεν ἐφώνησεν φωνει φωνεί φωνεῖ φώνει φωνειτε φωνείτέ φωνεῖτέ φωνηθηναι φωνηθήναι φωνηθῆναι φωνησαι φωνήσαι φωνῆσαι φωνησαν φωνῆσαν φωνησαντες φωνήσαντες φωνησας φωνήσας Φωνησατε Φωνήσατε φωνησει φωνήσει φωνηση φωνήσῃ φωνησον φώνησον φώνησόν φωνήσουσιν φωνήσω φωνούνσιν φωνούντας φωνούντες φωνουσι φωνούσι φωνοῦσι φωνοῦσιν ephonei ephōnei ephṓnei ephonesan ephōnēsan ephṓnesan ephṓnēsan ephonesen ephōnēsen ephṓnesen ephṓnēsen phonei phoneî phōnei phōneî phṓnei phoneite phoneîté phōneite phōneîté phonesai phonêsai phōnēsai phōnē̂sai phonesan phonêsan phōnēsan phōnē̂san phonesantes phonḗsantes phōnēsantes phōnḗsantes phonesas phonḗsas phōnēsas phōnḗsas Phonesate Phonḗsate Phōnēsate Phōnḗsate phonese phōnēsē phonesei phonḗsei phōnēsei phōnḗsei phōnḗsēi phoneson phōnēson phṓnesón phṓnēsón phonethenai phonethênai phōnēthēnai phōnēthē̂nai phonousin phonoûsin phōnousin phōnoûsin
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