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Strong's #603 - ἀποκαραδοκία

Root Word (Etymology)
from a comparative of (G575) and a compound of kara (the head) and (G1380) (in the sense of watching)
Parts of Speech
feminine noun
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  1. anxious and persistent expectation
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (2)
Romans 1
Philippians 1
NAS (4)
Romans 2
Philippians 2
CSB (2)
Romans 1
Philippians 1
BSB (2)
Romans 1
Philippians 1
ESV (2)
Romans 1
Philippians 1
WEB (2)
Romans 1
Philippians 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

ἀποκᾰρᾱδοκ-ία, ἡ,

earnest expectation, Romans 8:19, Philippians 1:20.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

ἀποκαραδοκία, ἀποκαραδοκιας, (from ἀποκαραδόκειν, and this from ἀπό, κάρα, the head, and δοκεῖν in the Ionic dialect, to watch; hence, καραδόκειν (Herodotus 7. 163, 168; Xenophon, mem. 3, 5, 6; Euripides, others) to watch with head erect or outstretched, to direct attention to anything, to wait for in suspense; ἀποκαραδόκειν (Polybius 16, 2, 8; 18, 31, 4; 22, 19, 3; (Plutarch, parall., p. 310, 43, vol. vii., p. 235, Reiske edition); Josephus, b. j. 3, 7, 26, and in Psalm 36:7 () Aq. for הִתהולֵל), anxiously (?) to look forth from one's post. But the prefix ἀπό refers also to time (like the German ab inabwarten (cf. English wait it out)), so that it signifies constancy in expecting; hence, the noun, found in Paul alone and but twice, denotes), anxious (?) and persistent expectation: Romans 8:19; Philippians 1:20. This word is very fully discussed by C. F. A. Fritzsche in Fritzschiorum Opuscc., p. 150ff; (cf. Ellicott and Lightfoot on Philippians, the passage cited).

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights rserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

*† ἀπο -καραδοκία , -ας ,

(< ἀποκαραδοκέω ,, used by Aq. in Psalms 37:7 for H2342; <ἀπό , κάρα the head, δοκέω , in Ion., to watch), to watch with outstretched head, watch anxiously (Polyb., Papyri; v. Deiss., LAE, 374.5, 377 f.), Romans 8:19, Philippians 1:20 (Lft., in l; Cremer, 177).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For the verb see Polyb. xviii. 31 ἀποκαραδοκεῖν τὴν Αντιόχου παρουσίαν, al. Cf. the interesting sixth-century papyrus from Aphrodite in Egypt (cited by Deissmann LAE p. 377 f.; cf. Archiv v. p. 284) in which certain oppressed peasants petition a high official whose παρουσία they have been expecting; assuring him that they await (ἐκδέχομεν) him—οἷον οἱ ἐξ ᾍδου καραδοκοῦντες τὴν τότε τοῦ Χ (ριστο)ῦ ἀενάου θ (εο)ῦ παρουσίαν, ";as those in Hades watch eagerly for the parousia of Christ the everlasting God."; While the perfectivized verb is well supported in literary Κοινή, the noun is so far peculiar to Paul, and may quite possibly have been his own formation : cf. what we have said above under ἀπεκδέχομαι and ἀπέκδυσις.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
αποκαραδοκια αποκαραδοκία ἀποκαραδοκία αποκαραδοκιαν αποκαραδοκίαν ἀποκαραδοκίαν apokaradokia apokaradokía apokaradokian apokaradokían
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