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Strong's #4570 - מַעְגָּלָה

mah-gawl', mah-gaw-law'
Root Word (Etymology)
from the same as (H5696)
Parts of Speech
masculine noun
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1) entrenchment, track

1a) circumvallation, entrenchment

1b) track

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 3598 ‑ ὁδός (hod‑os');  5147 ‑ τρίβος (tree'‑bos);  5163 ‑ τροχιά (trokh‑ee‑ah');  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (16)
1 Samuel 3
Psalms 4
Proverbs 7
Isaiah 2
NAS (19)
1 Samuel 6
Psalms 4
Proverbs 7
Isaiah 2
CSB (16)
1 Samuel 3
Psalms 4
Proverbs 7
Isaiah 2
BSB (16)
1 Samuel 3
Psalms 4
Proverbs 7
Isaiah 2
ESV (15)
1 Samuel 3
Psalms 4
Proverbs 7
Isaiah 1
WEB (16)
1 Samuel 3
Psalms 3
Proverbs 8
Isaiah 2
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2524) lco (אהגל AhGL) AC: Round CO: Bullock AB: ?: [from: lc]

Nm ) lco (אהגל AhGL) - Bullock: From its circling around in play. KJV (35): calf, bullock - Strongs: H5695 (עֵגֶל)

Nf1) elco (אהגלה AhGLH) - I. Heifer: II. Cart:From its round wheels. KJV (39): heifer, cow, calf, cart, wagon, chariot - Strongs: H5697 (עֶגְלָה), H5699 (עֲגָלָה)

am) lcom (מאהגל MAhGL) - Trench: The trench made from the wheels of carts. Also an entrenchment. KJV (1): path, trench, goings, ways - Strongs: H4570 (מַעְגָּלָה)

af1) elcom (מאהגלה MAhGLH) - Trench: The trench made from the wheels of carts. Also an entrenchment. KJV (16): trench, path - Strongs: H4570 (מַעְגָּלָה)

bm) lico (אהגיל AhGYL) - Earring: As round. KJV (2): earring - Strongs: H5694 (עָגִיל)

cm) lfco (אהגול AhGWL) - Round: KJV (6): round - Strongs: H5696 (עָגוֹל)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 מַעְגָּל noun masculine Psalm 65:12

1 entrenchment;

2 track; — absolute ׳מ 1 Samuel 26:5 +, with ה locative הַמַּעְגָּ֫לָה 1 Samuel 17:20; construct מַעְגַּל Proverbs 5:26 +; plural construct מַעְגְּלֵי Psalm 23:3; Proverbs 4:11; suffix מַעְגָּלֶיךָ Psalm 65:12, elsewhere מַעְגְּלוֺתֶיךָ Psalm 17:5, מַעְגְּלֹתָיו Proverbs 5:21, תֶיהָ- Proverbs 2:12; Proverbs 5:6, תָם- Proverbs 2:15; Isaiah 59:8; —

1 circumvallation, entrenchment 1 Samuel 17:20; 1 Samuel 26:5,7.

2 track (properly wagon-track), only figurative:

a. in figurative of snares of wicked Psalm 140:6.

b. = course of action, or life, רַגֱל֑ךָ׳מ Proverbs 4:26, ׳מ Proverbs 5:21 ("" דַּרְכֵיאִֿישׁ); specifically good, right, צֶדֶק׳מ Psalm 23:3, ישֶׁר׳מ Proverbs 4:11, טוֺב׳מ Proverbs 2:9, צַדִּיק׳מ Isaiah 26:7; bad sense Proverbs 2:15,18; Proverbs 5:6; Isaiah 59:8; tracks of ׳י are those approved by him Psalm 17:5; or those traversed by him, מַעְגָּלֶיךָ וִרְעֲפוּןדָּ֑שֶׁן Psalm 65:12 figurative of richly-laden cart dropping its contents in its track.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
List of Word Forms
בְּמַעְגְּלֵי־ בְּמַעְגְּלוֹתֶ֑יךָ בְּמַעְגְּלוֹתָ֑ם בְּמַעְגְּלוֹתָֽם׃ בְמַעְגְּלֵי־ בַּמַּעְגָּ֔ל במעגל במעגלותיך במעגלותם במעגלותם׃ במעגלי־ הַמַּעְגָּ֔לָה המעגלה וּ֝מַעְגָּלֶ֗יךָ ומעגליך מַ֝עְגְּלֹתֶ֗יהָ מַעְגְּלֹתֶֽיהָ׃ מַעְגְּלֹתָ֥יו מַעְגַּ֣ל מַעְגַּ֥ל מַעְגַּל־ מַעְגָּ֑ל מעגל מעגל־ מעגלתיה מעגלתיה׃ מעגלתיו bam·ma‘·gāl bamma‘gāl bammaGal bə·ma‘·gə·lê- ḇə·ma‘·gə·lê- bə·ma‘·gə·lō·w·ṯām bə·ma‘·gə·lō·w·ṯe·ḵā bəma‘gəlê- ḇəma‘gəlê- bəma‘gəlōwṯām bəma‘gəlōwṯeḵā bemagelei bemageloTam bemageloTeicha ham·ma‘·gā·lāh hamma‘gālāh hammaGalah ma‘·gal ma‘·gāl ma‘·gal- ma‘·gə·lō·ṯāw ma‘·gə·lō·ṯe·hā ma‘gal ma‘gāl ma‘gal- ma‘gəlōṯāw ma‘gəlōṯehā maGal mageloTav mageloTeiha ū·ma‘·gā·le·ḵā ūma‘gāleḵā umagaLeicha vemagelei
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