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Strong's #541 - אָמַן

denominative from (H3225)
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1) (Hiphil) to take the right hand, to turn right, choose to the right, go to the right, use the right hand

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Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1290) nm (מנ MN) AC: Firm CO: Kind AB: Sure: The pictograph m is a picture of water or other liquid such as blood, the n is a picture of a seed representing continuance. Combined these mean "blood continues". Each species (kind) continues by passing its blood to the following generation, which comes from the parent. Also the idea of strength through the blood. (eng: man; name - a reversal of the letters; animal; omen)

A) nm (מנ MN) AC: ? CO: Portion AB: What: What comes from something else as one kind comes from the same.

Nm) nm (מנ MN) - What: Also who or where. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (26): manna, whosoever, who, whoso, what, instrument, from, of - Strongs: H4478 (מָן), H4479 (מַן), H4482 (מֵן)

Nf1) enm (מנה MNH) - Portion: A set amount. KJV (14): portion, part, belonged - Strongs: H4490 (מָנָה)

Nf2) tnm (מנת MNT) - Portion: What belongs to someone or something. KJV (7): portion - Strongs: H4521 (מְנָת)

B) nnm (מננ MNN) AC: ? CO: Number AB: ?: A numbering of a kind.

ebm) ninim (מינינ MYNYN) - Number: [Aramaic only] KJV (1): number - Strongs: H4510 (מִנְיָן)

C) nma (אמנ AMN) AC: Firm CO: Pillar AB: ?: Something that grabs hold or supports something else. The passing of strength or skill to the next generation. A large group of the same kind are stronger than one.

V) na (אמנ AMN) - Firm: To stand firm as a support. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (111): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil) believe, assurance, faithful, sure, establish, trust, verify, steadfast, continuance, father, bring up, nurse, stand, fail - Strongs: H539 (אָמַן), H540 (אֲמַן)

Nm) nma (אמנ AMN) - I. Craftsman:One who is firm in his talents. II. Amen:An affirmation of firmness and support. KJV (31): workman, amen, truly, so be it - Strongs: H542 (אָמָּן), H543 (אָמֵן)

Nf1) enma (אמנה AMNH) - I. Sure:What is firm. II. Nourished:One given support through food. KJV (5): sure, indeed, portion, brought up - Strongs: H545 (אָמְנָה), H546 (אָמְנָה), H548 (אֲמָנָה)

Nf2) tnma (אמנת AMNT) - Truth: What is firm. KJV (127): truth, true, truly, faithfully, assured, establishment, faithful, sure - Strongs: H571 (אֱמֶת)

cm) nfma (אמונ AMWN) - Craftsman: One who is firm in his talents. KJV (1): brought up - Strongs: H525 (אָמוֹן)

dm) nfma (אמונ AMWN) - Firmness: KJV (5): faithful, trusting, trusty - Strongs: H529 (אֵמוּן)

df1) enfma (אמונה AMWNH) - Firmness: KJV (49): faithfulness, truth, faithfully, office, faithful, faith, stability, steady, truly - Strongs: H530 (אֱמֻנָה)

gm) nmfa (אומנ AWMN) - Firmness: KJV (1): truth - Strongs: H544 (אֹמֶן)

gf1) enmfa (אומנה AWMNH) - Pil KJV (1): pillar - Strongs: H547 (אֹמְנָה)

pm ) mnma (אמנמ AMNM) - Sure: KJV (9): truth, indeed, true, surely, no doubt - Strongs: H551 (אָמְנָם)

opm) mnmfa (אומנמ AWMNM) - Sure: KJV (5): indeed, surety - Strongs: H552 (אֻמְנָם)

D) nam (מאנ MAN) AC: Refuse CO: ? AB: ?: A strength of the will.

V) nam (מאנ MAN) - Refuse: KJV (41): (vf: Piel) refuse - Strongs: H3985 (מָאַן)

Nm) nam (מאנ MAN) - Refuse: KJV (5): refuse - Strongs: H3986 (מָאֵן), H3987 (מֵאֵן)

H) enm (מנה MNH) AC: ? CO: Number AB: ?: The grouping together and counting of those that are of the same kind.

V) enm (מנה MNH) - Number: To count or number a set of things or people. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (33): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Pual, Piel, Participle) number, prepare, appoint, tell, count, set - Strongs: H4483 (מְנָא), H4487 (מָנָה)

Nm) enm (מנה MNH) - Maneh: A unit of measurement. KJV (8): mene, maneh, pound - Strongs: H4484 (מְנֵא), H4488 (מָנֶה)

gm) enfm (מונה MWNH) - Time: A counting of time. KJV (2): time - Strongs: H4489 (מֹנֶה)

J) nfm (מונ MWN) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Likeness: Those of the same kind, look alike.

if1) enfmt (תמונה TMWNH) - Likeness: KJV (10): likeness, similitude, image - Strongs: H8544 (תִּמֻנָה)

L) nmi (ימנ YMN) AC: ? CO: Right AB: ?: The right hand as the strong hand. The Hebrews oriented direction according to the rising sun therefore, the south is to the right.

V) nmi (ימנ YMN) - Right: To turn or go to the right hand. [df: Nma] KJV (5): (vf: Hiphil) turn right - Strongs: H541 (אָמַן), H3231 (יָמַן)

bf ) nimi (ימינ YMYN) - Right: The right hand or the direction of the right hand. KJV (139): hand, right, side, south - Strongs: H3225 (יָמִין)

fm) inmi (ימני YMNY) - Right: The right hand or the direction of the right hand. KJV (33): right, right hand - Strongs: H3233 (יְמָנִי)

if) nmit (תימנ TYMN) - South: The direction the right hand points when oriented toward the rising sun. KJV (23): south, southward - Strongs: H8486 (תֵּמָן)

bfm) inimi (ימיני YMYNY) - Right: The right hand or the direction of the right hand. KJV (2): right - Strongs: H3227 (יְמִינִי)

M) nim (מינ MYN) AC: ? CO: Kind AB: ?

Nm ) nim (מינ MYN) - I. Kind:A category of species. [df: ynm]II. From:[Hebrew and Aramaic; The short form " m " is used as a prefix meaning "from"] KJV (165): kind, among, with, from, since, after, at, by, whether, of, part, before, because, therefore, out, for, than - Strongs: H4327 (מִין), H4480 (מִנֵּי), H4481 (מִן)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [אָמֵץ] verb be stout, strong, bold, alert (according to Lag BN 28f. from earlier אָמֹץ compare אֹמֶץ) — Qal. Perfect 3 plural אָֽמְצוּ 2 Samuel 22:18 2t.; Imperfect יֶאֱמָ֑ץ Genesis 25:23; וַיֶּאֶמְצוּ 2 Chronicles 13:18; Imperative אֱמַץ Joshua 1:7; 1 Chronicles 28:20; אֱמַ֑ץ Joshua 1:6; אֱמָ֑ץ Deuteronomy 31:7 3t.; אִמְצוּ Deuteronomy 31:6 2t. —

1 be strong, of a people Genesis 25:23 (J); of personal enemies 2 Samuel 22:18 = Psalm 18:18; Psalm 142:7 (all followed by מִן of comparison); also (without מן) prevail 2 Chronicles 13:18.

2 Imperative be bold (always "" חֲזַק, חִזְקוּ), Deuteronomy 31:7,23; Joshua 1:6,7,18; ("" id. + אַלתִּֿירְאוּ וְאַלתַּֿעַרְצוּ) Deuteronomy 31:6; "" id. + אַלתַּֿעֲרֹץ וְאַל תֵּחָת) Joshua 1:9; ("" id. + אַל תִּירְאוּ וְאַל תֵּחָ֑תּוּ) Joshua 10:25; 1 Chronicles 22:13; 1 Chronicles 28:20; 2 Chronicles 32:7.

Pi`el Perfect אִמֵּץ Deuteronomy 2:30 etc.; Imperfect יְאַמֵּץ Amos 2:14 etc.; וַיְאַמֶּץלֿוֺ Isaiah 44:14; 3 feminine singular suffix 3 masculine singular תְּאַמְּצֶנּוּ Psalm 89:22; 1 singular suffix אֲאַמִּצְכֶם Job 16:5 etc.; Imperative אַמֵּץ Nahum 2:2; אַמֵּ֑צוּ Isaiah 35:3; אַמְּצֵ֑הוּ Deuteronomy 3:28; Infinitive suffix אַמְּצוֺ Proverbs 8:28; Participle מְאַמֶּץֿ Proverbs 24:5;

1 make firm, strengthen, followed by accusative, of giving clouds their place Proverbs 8:28 (subject ׳י); of repairing temple 2 Chronicles 24:13; of physical vigour Proverbs 31:17 ׳חָֽגְרָה בְעוֺז מָתְנֶי֑הָ וַתְּאזְרוֺעֶֹ˜תיהָ ׃ (subject אֵשֶׁת חַיִל); of strength for war כֹּחַ׳א Nahum 2:2 ("" חִזֵּק מָתְנַיִם Amos 2:14 (subject חָזָק); compare Proverbs 24:5; of royal power 2 Chronicles 11:17 "" חִזֵּק; compare בִּרְכַּיִם כּשְׁלוֺת׳א Isaiah 35:3; כֹּרְעוֺת׳בּ ׳א Job 4:4 (both "" חִזֵּק יָדַיִם רָפוֺת fig, of encouragement; so ׳א alone Deuteronomy 3:28 ("" חִזֵּק) Job 16:5 ("" חשׂך q. v.); Psalm 89:22 (subject ׳זְרוֺעַ י); of support Isaiah 41:10 (subject ׳י; "" עזר, תמך; — De Che below 2).

2 assure, secure for one's self, always followed by ל + suffix; of carpenter appropriating tree Isaiah 44:14; compare of ׳י appropriating Israel under figure of bough. Psalm 80:16; under figure of chosen man Psalm 80:18.

3 followed by לֵבָב harden, make obstinate Deuteronomy 2:30 (subject ׳י; "" הִקְשָׁה רוּחוֺ) Deuteronomy 15:7 (of unkind man); 2 Chronicles 36:13 (of king Zedekiah, "" הִקְשָׁה אֶתעָֿדְמּוֺ).

Hithpa`el Perfect הִתְאַמֵּץ 1 Kings 12:18 2 Chronicles 10:18; Imperfect וַיִּתְאַמְּצוּ 2 Chronicles 13:7; Participle מִתְאַמֶּצֶת Ruth 1:18;

1 strengthen oneself, of con-spirators 2 Chronicles 13:7 (followed by עַל).

2 confirm oneself in a, purpose, be determined Ruth 1:18 (followed by ל + Infinitive)

3 make oneself alert, make haste 1 Kings 12:18 2 Chronicles 10:18 (followed by ל + Infinitive)

Hiph`il Imperfect Jussive exhibit strength, be strong וְיַאֲמֵץ, לִבֶּ֑ךָ׳חֲזַק ויא Psalm 27:14, so also Psalm 31:25.

ימן (√ of following; found in derivatives in all cognates, but original meaning dubious; Thes and others compare אמן confirm, whence right hand as the stronger; others from use of right hand in confirming by an oath).

II. [יָמַן] verb denominative Hiph`il go to or choose the right, use the right hand; — Imperfect 1 singular coh. יְאֵימִ֫נָה Genesis 13:10 (J) then I will go to the right (opposed to וְאַשְׂמְאִ֫ילָה); 2 masculine plural תַּאֲמִינוּ Isaiah 30:21, figurative of turning aside from right course of life ("" תַּשְׂמְאִילוּ); Infinitive construct in phrase אִםאִֿשׁ לְהֵמִיןוּלְהַשְׂמִיל מִכֹּל אֲשֶׁר דִּבֶּר אֲדֹנִי הַמֶּלֶךְ 2 Samuel 14:19 it is surely impossible to turn the right or to the left, etc.; Imperative feminine singular הֵימִ֫ינִי Ezekiel 21:21 go to the right! (opposed to הַשְׂמִ֫ילִי); Participle plural use the right hand: מַיְמִינִיםוּמִשְׂמִאלִים בָּאֲבָנִים וּבַחִצִּים בַּקָּ֑שֶׁת 1 Chronicles 12:2 using the right hand and the left hand with stones and with arrows in the bow (i.e. in throwing and shooting).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition


(1) prop. to prop, to stay, to sustain, to support, ftüßen, unterftüszlig;en, specially

(a) to support with the arm, to carry a child, Numbers 11:12; Lamentations 4:5. Part. אֹמֵן παιδαγωγός, one who carries and cares for a child, Nu. loc. cit.; Isaiah 49:23 also, one who guards and brings up, Esther 2:7. 2 Kings 10:1, 2 Kings 10:5 (compare כִּלְכֵּל; Arab. مان to sustain, to nourish), f. אֹמֶנֶת nurse, Ruth 4:16; 2 Samuel 4:4.

(b) to found, to build up (kindred to כָּנָה, אֶבֶן). Hence אָמָן, אָמוֹן architect, workman, Baumeifter; אֹמְנָה column, Stüße.

(2) intrans. med. E. to be stayed up; hence to be firm, unshaken, such as one may safely lean on. Metaph. to be faithful. Part. pass. אֱמוּנִים faithful ones, πιστοί, Psalms 12:2, 31:24. Compare סָמוּךְ Isaiah 26:3. Arab. أَمُنَ to be faithful; أَمَنَ is to lean and confide on any one; أَمِنَ to trust, to be secure.


(1) to support, to bear in the arms, as children, Isaiah 60:4. Compare Kal No. 1.

(2) to be founded, firm, stable, e.g. of a house, 1 Samuel 2:35, 25:28 2 Samuel 7:16; 1 Kings 11:38 of a firm place where a nail is driven in, Isaiah 22:23, 25 Isaiah 22:25 of a firm and stable condition, Isaiah 7:9.

(3) to be of long continuance, perennial, of water (opp. to אַכְזָב), Isaiah 33:16; Jeremiah 15:18 of sickness, Deuteronomy 28:59 of a covenant, Psalms 89:29.

(4) metaph. to be faithful, trustworthy, sure, such that any one can lean upon (auf den man bauen kann); of a servant, 1 Samuel 22:14; Numbers 12:7 a messenger, Proverbs 25:13 a witness, Jeremiah 42:5; Isaiah 8:2 of God, Deuteronomy 7:9; Isaiah 49:7; Hosea 12:1.- Psalms 78:8, לֹא נֶאֶמְנָה אֶת־אֵל רוּחוֹ “their spirit was not faithful with God.” Part. נֶאֱמָן upright. Proverbs 11:13, 27:6, נֶאֱמָנִים פִּצְעֵי אֹהֵב “upright are the wounds of a friend,” i.e. proceeding from sincerity of mind, ehr=lich=gutgemeint. Wounds are here used for severe rebukes. Also, a man of approved wisdom, Job 12:20.

(5) to be sure, certain, Hosea 5:9 of the word of God, Psalms 19:8 also, to be found true, confirmed, Genesis 42:20; 1 Kings 8:26.

Hiphil הֶאֱמִין

(1) to lean upon, to build upon (auf etwas bauen), prop. Isaiah 28:16, “he that leaneth thereon [believeth in him] shall not flee away.” Generally

(2) figuratively to trust, to confide in (like the Arab. آمَنَ with ب). Job 4:18, הֵן בַּעֲבָדָיו לֹא יַאֲמין “behold he trusteth not in his servants;” Job 15:15, 39:12 Psalms 78:22, 32 Psalms 78:32, 119:66. הֶאֱמִין בַּיהֹוָה “he trusted in the Lord,” Genesis 15:6 לֹא הבְּ֞חַיָּין “to have no confidence for one’s life,” i.e. to fear for one’s life, Deuteronomy 28:66.

(3) to believe, absol. Isaiah 7:9 commonly followed by לְ of person and thing, Genesis 45:26; Exodus 4:1,, Proverbs 14:15; Psalms 106:24 followed by בִּי Exodus 4:5; Job 9:16 also with an inf. Job 15:22, “he does not believe (hope) that he shall escape out of darkness (terrors).”

(4) perhaps intrans. to stand firm, still, Job 39:24, “she does not stand still where the sound of the trumpet is heard.” Comp. Virg. Georg. iii. 83. From the common use of language it might be rendered, “he so longs for the battle that he hardly believes his own ears for joy.” Compare Job 9:16, 29:24.

[Deriv. אָמָן-אֻמְנָם, אָמוֹן, אֵמוּן, אֱמוּנָה, אֱמֶת, הֵימָן.]

II. אָמַן Hiphil הֶאֱמִין i.q. הֵימִין to turn to the right, Isaiah 30:21.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available BibleSupport.com
List of Word Forms
תַאֲמִ֖ינוּ תאמינו ṯa’ămînū ṯa·’ă·mî·nū taaMinu
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