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Strong's #5751 - עוֹד

corresponding to (H5750)
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Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

  1. still, while, yet

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Daniel 1
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Daniel 1
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Daniel 1
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Daniel 1
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Daniel 1
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Lamentations 1
Daniel 1
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Daniel 1
N95 (1)
Daniel 1
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Daniel 1
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Daniel 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1349) do (אהד AhD) AC: Repeat CO: ? AB: Witness: The pictograph o is a picture of the eye, the d is a picture of the door. Combined these mean "see the door". As coming to a tent a tent of meeting and entering in. A place, time or event that is repeated again and again.

A) do (אהד AhD) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Witness: An event or persons testimony recounting another event or person.

Nf) do (אהד AhD) - I. Witness: II. Again:A repetition of time either definite or indefinite. [Hebrew and Aramaic] III. Until:A determinate period of time. KJV (269): witness, ever, everlasting, end, evermore, old, perpetually, by, as, when, how, yet, till, until, unto, for, to, but, on, within, filthy - Strongs: H1157 (בַּעַד), H5703 (עַד), H5704 (עַד), H5705 (עַד), H5707 (עֵד), H5708 (עִדָּה)

Nf1) edo (אהדה AhDH) - I. Company:A group with a common testimony. II. Witness:KJV (175): congregation, company, assembly, multitude, people, swarm, testimony, witness - Strongs: H5712 (עֵדָה), H5713 (עֵדָה)

Nf3) tfdo (אהדות AhDWT) - Witness: KJV (59): testimony, witness - Strongs: H5715 (עֵדוּת)

fm) ido (אהדי AhDY) - Trappings: Articles of dress or adornment that often witness to a persons position or rank. KJV (13): ornament, mouth - Strongs: H5716 (עֲדִי)

H) edo (אהדה AhDH) AC: Adorn CO: Trappings AB: ?: An adornment for testifying to ones position, rank or authority.

V) edo (אהדה AhDH) - I. Adorn:To put on trappings which usually identify position or rank. II. Remove:[Unknown connection to root; Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (19): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) deck, adorn, take, pass, depart, alter, took, pass, remove - Strongs: H5709 (עֲדָה), H5710 (עָדָה)

J) dfo (אהוד AhWD) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Witness: The repeating of an account.

V) dfo (אהוד AhWD) - Witness: KJV (45): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hophal, Piel) testify, protest, witness, record, charge, take, admonish - Strongs: H5749 (עוּד)

Nm) dfo (אהוד AhWD) - Again: A repeating of something. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (31): again, more, while, longer, else, since, yet, still - Strongs: H5750 (עֹד), H5751 (עוֹד)

if1) edfot (תאהודה TAhWDH) - Witness: KJV (3): testimony - Strongs: H8584 (תְּעוּדָה)

L) doi (יאהד YAhD) AC: Meet CO: Appointment AB: ?: An appointed place, time or event that is repeated such as the monthly and yearly feasts.

V) doi (יאהד YAhD) - Meet: A coming together as two or an assembly. KJV (1): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Hophal) meet, together, assemble, appoint, set, time, betroth, agree, gather - Strongs: H3259 (יָעַד)

am) dofm (מואהד MWAhD) - I. Appointment:A time that is repeated time after time. II. Company:A group that meet at specific times. KJV (224): congregation, feast, season, appointed, time, assembly, solemnity, solemn, days, sign, synagogue - Strongs: H4150 (מוֹעָדָה), H4151 (מוֹעָד)

af1) edofm (מואהדה MWAhDH) - Appointed: A place appointed for as a witness. KJV (1): appointed - Strongs: H4152 (מוּעָדָה)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

עוֹד , sometimes (according to the Masora twelve times, e.g., Genesis 8:22; Jeremiah 13:27, etc.), עֹד prop. inf. absol. of the verb עוּד going over again, repeating. Always an adv.

(1) again, yet again, Genesis 4:25, 8:21 24:20 Judges 13:8; Hosea 1:6.

(2) again and again, repeatedly (zu wiederholten Malen, immer von Neuem, so that an action hardly intermitted, is repeatedly begun anew; often incorrectly rendered, continually, without intermission). Genesis 46:29, וַיֵּבְךְּ עַל־צַוָּארָיו עוֹד “and he wept on his neck again and again,” i.e. so that the tears burst out again and again. Ruth 1:14; Psalms 84:5, “blessed are those who dwell in thy house עוֹד יְהַלְלוּךָ they will praise thee again and again,” (i.e. daily; well explained by Kimchi כָּל־הַיָּמִים), Jerem. 2:9 Hosea 12:1.

(3) more, farther, besides, Isaiah 5:4; Ecclesiastes 3:16; Judges 20:25; Genesis 7:4, 8:10 29:7.

(4) as yet, yet, still. Genesis 29:7, “it is yet high day,” Numbers 11:33 and so very frequently; also, yet more, still more. Proverbs 9:9, “give to a wise man וְיֶחְכַּם עוֹד and he will become yet wiser;” with suff. עוֹדֶנִּי (עוֹדִי see below); as yet I (am, was), Joshua 14:11; 1 Samuel 20:14 עוֹדְךָ as yet thou, Genesis 46:30 עוֹדֶנּוּ Genesis 18:22, 43:27, 28 Genesis 43:28עוֹדֶנָּה 1 Kings 1:14, 22 1 Kings 1:22עוֹדָם Exodus 4:18 once עוֹד הֵם Isaiah 65:24. With suff. plur. once, Lamentations 4:17 קרי, עוֹדֶינוּ תִּכְלֶינָה עֵינֵינָוּ “as yet our eyes languish.” The suffix is redundant, and seems to have been introduced on account of the rhythm, in כתיב it is written עוֹדֵינָה (an Aram. form for עוֹדֵינוּ) on account of the similar ending in the word תִּכְלֶינָה.

With prefixes

(1) בְּעוֹד, בְּעֹד

(a) while, while yet, in the time when yet (it was or is), (opp. to בְּטֶרֶם). 2 Samuel 12:22, בְּעוֹד הַיֶּלֶד חַי “while the child yet lived.” Jeremiah 15:9, בְּעֹד יוֹמָם “while it is yet day.” Psalms 104:33, בְּעוֹדִי “whilst yet I (live).” Psalms 146:2.

(b) within yet-. Genesis 40:13, בְּוֹד שְׁלֹשֶת יָמִים “within yet three days.” Isaiah 7:8. Compare בְּ A, No. 3.

(2) מֵעוֹד from as yet, ex quo, ever since. מֵעוֹדִי ever since I was, Genesis 48:15. Numbers 22:30, מֵעוֹרְךָ עַד הַיּוֹם הַזֶּה “from the time that thou wast unto this day.”

עוֹד Ch. yet, Daniel 4:28.

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List of Word Forms
ע֗וֹד עֹודֵ֙ינוּ֙ עוד עודינו ‘ō·w·ḏê·nū ‘ō·wḏ ‘ōwḏ ‘ōwḏênū od oDeinu
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