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Strong's #8173 - שָׁעַע

a primitive root
Parts of Speech

1) to stroke, be smeared over, be blinded

1a) (Qal)

1a1) to be smeared over, be blinded

1a2) to smear eyes shut

1b) (Hiphil) to besmear (of eyes), smear over eyes

1c) (Hithpalpel) to blind oneself, be blinded

2) to sport, take delight in

2a) (Pilpel) to sport, delight in, take delight in, delight oneself

2b) (Palpal) to be fondled

2c) (Hithpalpel) to delight oneself

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 2576 ‑ καμμύω (kam‑moo'‑o);  25 ‑ ἀγαπάω (ag‑ap‑ah'‑o);  3870 ‑ παρακαλέω (par‑ak‑al‑eh'‑o);  3191 ‑ μελετάω (mel‑et‑ah'‑o);  
Frequency Lists  
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KJV (9)
HCS ( 0 )
HCS (10)
BSB (9)
ESV (5)
WEB (9)
Verse Results
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1476) os (סהאה ShAh) AC: Watch CO: Shepherd AB: Delight: The pictograph s is a picture of the teeth used for devouring or destruction, the o is a picture of the eye. Combined these mean "destroyer watches". The shepherd carefully watches over the flock and the surrounding area always on the lookout for danger. When a predator comes to attack, the shepherd destroys the enemy.

A) os (סהאה ShAh) AC: Watch CO: ? AB: Delight: The shepherd watches over and cares for and delights in his sheep.

Nf1) eos (סהאהה ShAhH) - Hour: The watching of the arch of the sun to determine the hour of the day. [Aramaic only] KJV (5): hour - Strongs: H8160 (שָׁעָה)

im/f) ost (תסהאה TShAh) - Nine: [Unknown connection to rootAlso meaning ninety when written in the plural form - miost] KJV (78): nine, ninth, ninety - Strongs: H8672 (תִּשְׁעָה), H8673 (תִּשְׁעִים)

ldm ) ofsos (סהאהסהואה ShAhShWAh) - Delight: KJV (9): delight, pleasant - Strongs: H8191 (שַׁעֲשֻׁעִים)

bfm) ioist (תסהיאהי TShYAhY) - Ninth: [Unknown connection to root;] KJV (18): ninth - Strongs: H8671 (תְּשִׁיעִי)

hff) iosm (מסהאהי MShAhY) - Cleanse: As a preparation for inspection. KJV (1): supple - Strongs: H4935 (מִשְׁעִי)

B) oos (סהאהאה ShAhAh) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Delight: The shepherd takes delight in his sheep.

V) oos (סהאהאה ShAhAh) - Delight: KJV (9): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Pilpel) delight, cry, play, dandle, shut - Strongs: H8173 (שָׁעַע)

H) eos (סהאהה ShAhH) AC: Watch CO: ? AB: ?: The shepherd inspects and watches over the flock with compassion and protection.

V) eos (סהאהה ShAhH) - Watch: Also to look upon with respect. KJV (15): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hitpael) look, respect, dismay, turn, regard, spare, dim, depart - Strongs: H8159 (שָׁעָה)

J) ofs (סהואה ShWAh) AC: Cry CO: ? AB: Trouble: When the sheep are in trouble they will cry out and the shepherd will deliver them.

V) ofs (סהואה ShWAh) - Cry: To shout or cry out from a burden. KJV (21): (vf: Piel) cry, aloud, shout - Strongs: H7768 (שָׁוַע)

Nm) ofs (סהואה ShWAh) - I. Cry: II. Rich:In the sense of a carefully watching ones possessions. KJV (6): cry, riches - Strongs: H7769 (שׁוּעַ), H7771 (שׁוֹעַ), H7773 (שֶׁוַע)

Nf1) eofs (סהואהה ShWAhH) - Cry: KJV (11): cry - Strongs: H7775 (שַׁוְעָה)

L) osi (יסהאה YShAh) AC: Rescue CO: ? AB: ?: When one of the flock is in trouble, the shepherd rescues it.

V) osi (יסהאה YShAh) - Rescue: KJV (205): (vf: Niphal, Hiphil) save, saviour, deliver, help, preserved, salvation, avenge, defend, rescue, safe, victory - Strongs: H3467 (יָשַׁע)

Nm) osi (יסהאה YShAh) - Rescue: A deliverance or freedom from a trouble. KJV (36): salvation, safety, saving - Strongs: H3468 (יֶשַׁע)

af1) eosfm (מוסהאהה MWShAhH) - Rescue: A deliverance or freedom from a trouble. KJV (1): salvation - Strongs: H4190 (מוֹשָׁעָה)

df1) eofsi (יסהואהה YShWAhH) - Rescue: A deliverance or freedom from a trouble. KJV (78): salvation, help, deliverance, health, save, saving, welfare - Strongs: H3444 (יְשׁוּעָה)

if1) eosft (תוסהאהה TWShAhH) - Rescue: A deliverance or freedom from a trouble. [df: hest hewst] KJV (34): salvation, deliverance, help, safety, victory - Strongs: H8668 (תְּשֻׁעָה)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2022
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

שָׁעַע prop. to stroke; also to overspread, to smear (Chald. and Syr. שְׁעַע and שׁוּעַ compare שָׁעָה NO. II.). In Kal once intrans., to be smeared over (used of the eye), to be blinded, Isaiah 29:9 as to this passage see Hithpael.

Hiphil, imp. הָשַׁע smear, blind (the eyes), Isaiah 6:10.

Pilpel שִׁעֲשַׁע

(1) to delight (prop. to stroke, to smooth), Psalms 94:19.

(2) intrans. to delight oneself, Isaiah 11:8 followed by an acc. (in any thing), Psalms 119:70.

Pulpal שָֽׁעֳשַׁע to be smoothed, to be caressed (geliebkoft werden), Isaiah 66:12.

Hithpalpel הִשְׁתַּעֲשַׁע to delight oneself. Isaiah 29:9, הִשְׁתַּעַשְׁעוּ וָשֹׁעוּ “delight yourselves and be blind,” i.e. indulge freely in your own delights and pleasures, presently, however you will be blinded, i.e. ye shall be amazed at the sight of those things which will happen. As to this use of two imperatives, one of them concessive, the other asserting and threatening, see Hebr. Gramm. § 127, 2 (§ 99, ed. 9). Followed by בְּ in anything, Psalms 119:16, 47 Psalms 119:47.

Derivative, שַׁעֲשֻׁעִים.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available
List of Word Forms
אֶֽשְׁתַּעֲשָׁ֑ע אשתעשע הִשְׁתַּֽעַשְׁע֖וּ הָשַׁ֑ע השע השתעשעו וְאֶשְׁתַּֽעֲשַׁ֥ע וְשִֽׁעֲשַׁ֥ע וָשֹׁ֑עוּ ואשתעשע ושעו ושעשע יְֽשַׁעַשְׁע֥וּ ישעשעו שִֽׁעֲשָֽׁעְתִּי׃ שעשעתי׃ תְּשָׁעֳשָֽׁעוּ׃ תשעשעו׃ ’eš·ta·‘ă·šā‘ ’ešta‘ăšā‘ eshtaaSha hā·ša‘ hāša‘ haSha hiš·ta·‘aš·‘ū hishtaashU hišta‘aš‘ū ShiaShaeti ši‘ăšā‘ətî ši·‘ă·šā·‘ə·tî tə·šā·‘o·šā·‘ū təšā‘ošā‘ū teshooShau vaShou veeshtaaSha veshiaSha wā·šō·‘ū wāšō‘ū wə’ešta‘ăša‘ wə·’eš·ta·‘ă·ša‘ wə·ši·‘ă·ša‘ wəši‘ăša‘ yə·ša·‘aš·‘ū yəša‘aš‘ū yeshaashU
Old Testament Hebrew Lexical Dictionary developed by Jeff Garrison for Copyright 1999-2022. All Rights Reserved, Jeff Garrison, Gdansk, Poland.
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